Gold for December '17

OANDA:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
In D Chart, Gold is making huge bullish flag . And now we just touch down support zone . (Refer to my previous post)

Gold has to close above Red box zone for the week in order to show bullish formation, and break the upper TL to resume 13xx area.

Strategy 1: Short at red box zone if 4H shows bearish formation target green box zone or even lower.

Strategy 2: Long above red box zone if 4H shows bullish formation or Long at green box zone.

As I mentioned from my previous post, I think most corporations and investors are injecting their money to cryptos. I am inclining to Short Gold . Good Luck!
Bình luận: Zoomed in for Precision Entry, watch the levels...
Bình luận: Consolidation expected after a huge frop. May last up to a week. Lets wait for a break below 1243 or above 1250 to see where it is going.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Nice short!
Bình luận: I am not surprised if we are going lower, all investors are going to cryptos. BTC is trying to push higher, ETH already jumps from $450 to $600+ in less than 48 hours. No funds flowing to Gold.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: 1240.50 Long, shifted to breakeven now. Whomever on my Telegram channel. Congrats boys..

We can miss 1237, but we won't miss the pullback.. ;)
Bình luận: I believe the interest hike is already priced in by looking at how DXY climb these few days. I am not surprised if DXY take a dive later on.
Bình luận: :)
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Smells good...
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Long closed at red box, 1261
Bình luận: Lets see daily candle at red zone, break up or bearish hammer?
Bình luận: Merry Christmas...
Bình luận: 4H and 1D candle is still bullish, wait for week close. Wont be trading until next year. All volumes are not showing real direction now.
Bình luận: 81 broken, 99 is next..
Bình luận: 99 hit.. :p
Bình luận: 1321-1324 next...
Bình luận: 21 hit. ;)

Can it breach higher to above 30?
Bình luận: Bullish flag...
Bình luận: DXY may help this move, soon...
Bình luận: Gold broken down the triangle and DXY broken up ascending wedge... Looks like heading to retest the TL and monthly pivot..
Bình luận: If this week close is above the uptrend TL redline, 1390 is on sight. (as per my main chart)
Bình luận: Grinding up, ladies and gentlemen... Patience....
Bình luận: "Textbook" move about bull flag...
Bình luận: Holy molly...
Bình luận: Wait for FOMC...
Bình luận: 50% holding...
Bình luận: Not primed to launch yet. Might go lower Pre-FOMC. Good luck..
Bình luận: 50% held. We are on track to 1391 by mid Feb I suspect.
Bình luận: Breakdown the Channel or Rebound?
Bình luận:

Two possible moves from here. Bullish flag is forming.If it never breaks up the upper TL, risk can drop to ~1312 area
Bình luận: Gold breaching upper TL green line, close above it means 91 still the final target.
Bình luận: 4H didnt break up upper green TL. HnS is in the making. I wont be surprised if we will go to 1290s
Bình luận: Closing my short here. Pullback is making PA back to channel and now retesting channel. Plus today is Friday. Let the D and W candle close to decided where it will go next.
Bình luận: Day and Week has closed, potentially it still can consolidate in the channel...
Bình luận: Textbook move so far... Watch all the TLs
Bình luận: Orange or Blue?
Bình luận: Breakout Upper Green TL, retest and doesnt close below and shoot up, nasty wick.
Bình luận: It feels like forever, but Daily Bullish flag is Done.. 4 waves are completed, and Daily candle about to close breaking the TL. (watch the orange circle). 1390 still on sight. No changes..
Bình luận: Bearish? I still don't think so. I feel this is a consolidation phase.
Bình luận: Finally... it has moved more than $25 so far... since 2 days ago.. :)
Bình luận: Bullish Flag still...
Bình luận: Keep buying dips, 1390 area is a must to hit. 4H and 1D, not bearish pattern yet.
Bình luận: Watch my purple and green arrow final destination...
Bình luận: Looking good. Hopefully 4H candle close above 53.
Bình luận: Still didn't break the TL upwards, but still supported on weekly pivot. The longer it consolidates, the bigger the move, let's see.
Bình luận: Let's see
Bình luận: Soon, we will see some big movement. DXY at a critical point. Close above the Red TL means DXY will rise up after being supported at 61.8. Unable to close it this week means, DXY will plunge and continue the downtrend. Then we will see a clear direction for gold as well.

IMO, the waiting is almost over.
Bình luận: Coincidently, Gold at daily Support TL as well.
Insane weekly candle, Gold is very affected.
Phản hồi
dunno, but can you update this thread on a new 2018 title please?
Phản hồi
Your idea is pure madness bro proper on track! Patience is true key. Thanks much for sharing Gold King :)
Phản hồi
RoboCash Mo-Sid
@Mo-Sid, thanks man... indeed. Lots of patience needed. Just keep buying dips. I don’t see the trend change anytime soon..
+1 Phản hồi
Mo-Sid RoboCash
@RoboCash, i been catching all the big dips on the side lines. Bulls are teaching bears a big lesson for messing the bulls around from 1356 few months back lol
Phản hồi
Nice job!
Phản hồi
RoboCash lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, thanks man...
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