FX:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
We buy gold soon.
Waiting for Pivotal BL4 transition cross to know exactly where.
We will aim 1208 and higher.
Wait for update, I will let you know when I open trade.
Bình luận: http://postimg.org/image/74j2gro7z/
Limit 1199.5.
If gold go 1198 it break 1199 means go lower, then if you are scary and want to cry, close the trade and open lower. Because gold reach 1208.
If gold put me in DD I don't close the trade but buy every dip based on reasonable levels again and again.
Buy Gold and aim 1208 and higher.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: First entry trigger.
This is high risk trade. Meaning gold may dip lower. So I keep adding if gold give me that great chance for target 1208. Good Luck.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Gold trigger 95 entry. I want more entries.
Bình luận: So far so good. If u can take the risk u are still in, if u feel like u want to cry u could close the highest entry at BE leaving lowest open with BE. Risk free ride.
But I know u have mental durability bro. U the man!
Bình luận: Gold make new pivotal cross on BL6 transition giving confimred target 1202.
So gold go 1202 then break it and reach our 1208
Bình luận: I add additional 80 contracts for quick buck because of new small target 1202 I mention before.
At 1202 I close all of my trades except the one from our 2nd entry 1195 so that become risk free ride and money is in pocket.

Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Market hit our small BL6 TP 1202 pip in a pip. Partial profit taking time.
Leave the best / lowest entry open move SL to BE and wait for 1208. You took the money and the trade you have now is risk free!

Good Luck.
Bình luận: Hey guys. Great that we pocket profits at 1202 and move BE to SL for the lowest entry. We were risk free.
Market now is more for a sell but no entry now for me. Will wait and see!
Bình luận: I abandon 1208. Here is why.
Do you remember our long trade for target 1220?
Day before it reach 1220 H was 1199.38. Look it up.
I have made my own rule that you always take some safety in.
So from these targets I do + / - 0.7.
So if you take 1199.38 + 0.7 = target met.
It is just a rule that I made.
But in most cases market strive to hit the target pip in a pip and you see market hit 1220 next day.
The same goes for 1208 the H was 1207.7 the target was 1208.4
1207.7 + 0.7 = target met.
I go for that buy just because I think market come and hit it completelly. But I mention as well this is high risk trade.
And it would be a Losing one if transitions would not give 1202 as a small target. 1202 was Confirmed and SURE and market hit it and not go higher for 1208.
So it is better to abandon 1208 and not give such tricky trades anymore.

As well one more mistake I make if you remember our Short from 1220 I mention that day in updates that I feel it is key reversal time meaning we should hold short trades and market keep dropping.
But again it is because I still learn and try to feel the transition behaviour ( new discovered ones ) so bear with me on this one )
So it was good idea to close at 1202 and move SL to be if you keep some entry open. It save us very well :)
Keep on moving! Good Luck.
retrace to 1208 seems possible..
Phản hồi
Yeah! :)
Phản hồi
@TPparadigma Bro, you are gonna get some accounts wiped out with your positive attitude. Nevertheless, great calls so far. If anyone can do risk management they will make money with your calls.
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu fruitman82
@fruitman82, Sorry I didn't get first part. Why wipe accounts?
Phản hồi
Dangos TheZabisyu
@TPparadigma, one wrong call and their accounts gone :joy:
Phản hồi
Keep following my king Tp
+1 Phản hồi
TheZabisyu earthkamol
@earthkamol, AMEN!!!
Phản hồi
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