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Gold - "The" physical good, used through all ages.

Physical things that you can hold, are scare and have been used for thousands of years for value storage. With national currencies being unstable and inflationary or based on debt, gold will once again be our good friend.
It retraced to 4 of uptrend Elliot wave , which is a normal correction and looking long-term it looks bullish and up for a new larger cycle!
Expecting gold to retest it's all-time high, next up 2947 USD! Once we break out of this consolidation triangle momentum will really start to kick in, this would be second wave of the larger cycle which is normally the longest and normally increases in growth-rate. So expect it to grow even faster than before.
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There are two directions: either a monetary regression to the mean (gold and silver) or a technological rising with a anarchic cryptosystem. In my opinion the regression to the mean monetary system represents the turn of events where the world chooses to enter a new dark age (just like after the fall of the roman empire). That path is likely because of the cyclical breakdown of complex societies. BUT, now we got this new breakthrough technology so we may hopully enter a state of anarchic capitalism instead.
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TheTrex LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, I bet we won't or we will have to transcend our biological limitations, which only a minority of people will be able to do. The majority of people will never have access to those things, it's the technological game of the elite which can be really disruptive economically/psychologically/ethically/environmentally.
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