GOLD / A though Call.

FX:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
Hello guys!
I feel very confused. I had no sleep during weekends, and I was all in analysis, and I still cannot find the answer.
On one template I get that Gold should reach 1193. Other lot stronger template suggest Gold is going up to 1383 as I don't get sell signal!
The same goes fro eur/usd as I will be longing it Monday.
I am scared here to make a wrong call because a lot of people in bad positions wait for me to say -release the hedge short, we are going up!
I will not sleep this night and monitor Pivot signals and frequency that price move in, as well analyse the behaviour of Pivots , all I know is that people will try to short from 1250, that will be a mistake, but let them do it. The question that matters here is when to release the sell.
Chance that Price will move up is bigger than price moving doen, but I am afraid about 1232-35.
I will be online most of the time, and I will update with confirmation right once I get it, but if we pass 35 I think we should be fine. Like I said I will update, u can trust me I won't set you up and disappear, it just takes really hard work to analyse what will happen if you get a fight between two powerful strategies!
Bear with me here!
Bình luận: Target for gold is 1383 anyway, we just need to catch the right reversal here! Bear with me, I am working on that.
Bình luận: I see people calling Bearish trend and ready to short soon.. okay.. let's see. The same surprise people get Friday with downward movement, the same surprise can repeat with a " dump " upwards. Once I get the answer when, I immediatelly update where and when I buy. But since temporary target remains 1193, maybe we'll have a chance to short one more time. Doing analysis.
Bình luận: I am out to do the analysis, I will be analysing next 10 hours and I hope I get the right answer with the right pivot in this frequency! I turn out all notifications and be here only when I get the answer are we seeing 1193 or we are on path to upper temporary target 1380.
Bình luận: I know that a lot of people all very sad and emotional now! I know how it guys, I have been going thru the same, and when you are on emotions trading is night mare! Once you close the hedge, your heart rate is rising on each small downward movement, and you can't handle the heat willing to open hedge again, because of fear that it can go down more. We will find the retracement, and the long you have will pay off. All you need is Patience here, and strong nerves. Don't panic.
Gold is open and week has strated! I wish us success. Talk to you soon!
Bình luận: Price is approaching HTD and Current swilr level too fast.. I don't like it. It didn't first go down to frequency pivots, but now straight up to test 32-35 area. Will monitor this one!
Bình luận: I opened short here on 1231, And will close it only if Price pass 1235 with confirmation, because if we are seeing 1193 It is more than 30$ move, so I want to take it then. I don't feel we will have power to get thru 35 today I reckon a ranging confused day.. but anything can happen.
But Like I said you even if we drop to 1193 gold will be back up to see 1383. It is not time to close the short trade yet.
Bình luận: If we are dropping to 1193, we have some frequency levels on the road, as well Level 1200. If we are to see 1193, it can be a spike as well as we saw one from 1250 to 1241.

Like I said I am not getting short signal so we CAN pass 1235 today, but on Frequency template the target still remains 1193. And Target 1383 up there.
Permanent Volume target remains the same 1180 ( as it is a yearly level ) it is not moving and cannot be invalidated, and in this idea I described what happens if we see it and what happens if gold go up without seeing it.
Bình luận: All is okay guys even if price fall to 1193.. all is good. Keep your hedge open, your longs will pay off, patience!
Those who just opened short with me at 30ish, move your stops to BE now. We are at 25ish.. Transition TP level.. if we break here, we go lower.
Bình luận: Frequency difference between two gates getting wider and now is 0015.70.

Supporting downward movement. Not bad, Hands rised for bottom targets, so we don't have business here anymore any time soon this year!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: We nailed the short entry! Big Green packed in Red! lol
Bình luận: I closed half of the short on 1219 and second half running risk free to 1193 if that comes!
Bình luận: I have set the first Buy pending orders at 1194 ( price slippage, spread ) just to get filled.
If 1193 come it is not yet a confirmed bottom, so DO NOT close the hedge sells there ( talking to people with bad long position ) If we get a reversal signs, I will check what is the frequency pivot that we need to cross back up in order to be in a safe phase, and then I will tell you to release the hedge and take profits from hedge short order, if price go lower below 1193 it's not bad.. as it will reverse anyway, so this will be my first Buy order from 1194.
I am still running the second half of short order from 1231 with TP 1194.
Bình luận: Nothing exciting.
1193 still valid.
Gold did not pass 1235 upwards yet..
And holding the Half of that short from 31
Bình luận: Some people closed Hedge shorts at 28. I understand that it is emotions and fear that lead you to this. Anyway if this is your strategy go ahead, all I am trying to do here is help you.
one key indicator to watch now is the dollar, which looks toppy, a triple top formation. it this is the dollar index top, it's the silver and gold bottom, if the usd index can break out to the upside gold and silver will crash more, however it's hard to see the dollar get any stronger and I expect to see it pull back very soon from these highs.
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look at the dollar for your answer, dollar index is looking toppy at 100 now, if it is the top then this is the gold bottom. so what do you think the usd index will do?
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A friend of mine told me once: "When unexpected events occur and markets get confused and irracional, better to turn off the computer and do something else for a few days. Any trade you could make during those days would be probably a mistake". My advice: do nothing until Tuesday or Wednesday...
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If U guys need 1193 target gold has to consolidate now to 1245-1266 the. Only u can see 1193 traget
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Ur analysis is good,but I think gold will
Come today to 1327-1335-1347 it's good to buy with stoploss 1211,and it will be good to close hedge shorts
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Cuco67 fxmoneycontrol
@fxmoneycontrol, let's see but I don't see a reason why they should raise gold while DXY is at a peak and US stocks are rising. I hope you are correct though.
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@Cuco67, let's hope I have longs from 1215 waitingbfor 1235 and 47
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TheZabisyu fxmoneycontrol
@fxmoneycontrol, Some people follow your thoughts and close the hedge shorts at 28 dear friend. Good call of course and your 1st target is reached meaning you are in the money, but I would not go so far and tell them to close the shorts here.
This one sentence can be worth a lot of burned accounts. Trade with care.
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My view, based on what the big banks would do. Gold will stay in this range or may go down a bit more until USD starts declining. During the decline, it will stay in the 1250 range until the FED meeting. USD will decline until the FED meeting preparing for the rate hike. FED will raise the rates. Gold will drop sharply for a few hours collecting stop orders. S&P500 will crash january - february 2017. Gold will reach 1450 -1500 by christmas.

I think we can predict how the banks intend to manipulate the markets, we can make a lot of money.

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