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We are waiting for the Bullish Divergence to appear and point us on the up-side.
However, there is still Bearish Sentiment around Gold             these times, especially withe FOMC Rate Decision coming.
The current Wave Analysis is stating that the Bullish Trend that started for Gold             in December 2015 is a mere A-B-C Corrective Structure within the overall Macro-Trend.
Bullish Trend from 2016 represents Wave A and the recent Correction represents a W-X-Y-X-Z Complex Corrective Structure.
According to the Fibonacci Measurements and the Points of Interest, we are approaching a Significant Support which can provide a Bullish Retracement.
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interesting. after so many months, you writed 'trade closed'
you are very succesfull trader.
thank you for your shares.
Phản hồi
@maksoy, Don't understand what this is about, I just updated the idea.
Phản hồi
maksoy Lionheart-EWA
@Libeloo24, you are really very succesful trader. fallow you also on twitter.

thank you for your shares.

Phản hồi
@maksoy, thanks, i guess, i thought you were being ironic, wish you many pips ahead
Phản hồi
maksoy Lionheart-EWA
@Libeloo24, no ironic. i told what i think. i wish you share much more graphs everytime.
Phản hồi
@maksoy, thanks
Phản hồi
@maksoy, trying to make time for more posts on TV here but mostly focusing on my website and my traders
Phản hồi
maksoy Lionheart-EWA
@Libeloo24, i know it. i may be a trader in your system, but now i do not have enough account.
Phản hồi
@maksoy, no problem, you can use my public ideas to grow it, for free
Phản hồi
maksoy Lionheart-EWA
@Libeloo24, i am using your public charts. you are so much succesfull... i am from turkey, so my english may have some problems ...
Phản hồi
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