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BTC RoadMap (Pt. 2) Target $8870

As BTC approaches our target of $7800. Getting longs ready to close shorts and play reversal on this thing. We're targeting $8870 with an aggressive target, with consideration of it stopping at the .328 local fib.

Not much explanation here. We all know why this is happening. If you are a new follower, or checking this post out for the first time and want to get caught up on WHY, check out the related articles, dating back toooo - I think March? With the Mt Gox Post. *edit* April, after I posted I now see April. :)
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Remember, this is ONLY to $8870 max. I am NOT targeting anything above and I am taking profit. Then will likely open a short. I expect another drop! As time moves on, there are alternate counts, but for now this is the main one.

Any questions are concerns, alternate ideas, "thanks" or "you're dumb, b*^ch," perma-bulls, and perma-bears are all welcomed in the comment section.

Uhhh yeah I think thats it. As mentioned, if you need reasoning for this OTHER than wave count check out the other posts. Also, follow me on Twitter (@cryptoeball). I update other coins and probably post more in there than I update on here now.

Of course things are likely to change on the smaller scale, but the main trend is and targets should remain the same, of course, its not always guaranteed. Alternate counts may be provided as time comse along. Part 3 will release when Part 2 is nearly done. Much Love!

DisFreakingClaimer - I don't activate trades. Nor am I responsible if you lose money :). Please just consider this chart, don't follow blindly.
Bình luận: One more drop.
Bình luận:

Before the drop
Bình luận: Not getting the lower squeeze to $7800. Too many expecting it so the opposite happened. Gonna wait this out and see how everything plays out. Right now you could say that this is the beginning to the uptrend. But ehhhh don't wanna pull that trigger yet.
Bình luận: https://twitter.com/CryptoEBall/status/9...

I hate Bitcoin.. But everyone was waiting for 7800. Gonna wait and see what happens with this.. Looks bullish but its best to wait and see how everything plays out
Bình luận:


Biggest thing now is breaking this downtrend line.
Bình luận: Correction to this. 3-3-3-3-3 don't happen in a waves. Only wave 5 or C waves. BUT, another drop in a different variation of a wave count is possible.
Bình luận:

Downtrend line is broken

Going to wait for a pull back and buy on the retest of this downtrend line. If we hit a head and shoulder's its probably going to break through.
Bình luận:

Everything is going according to my evil plan hehe
Bình luận: https://twitter.com/CryptoEBall/status/9...

Lol I had my angry moment on twitter today. I'm just really pissed that I actually have seen an analyst say it was "irresponsible" to consider $7k when we haven't broken a critical level. This overall wasn't directed to him. But guys... There is a time where you have to be realistic and to not just HOPE. Hope will freaking kill you. What you want to happen will get destroyed because BTC doesn't care about what you want.

Do I want to see 3k BTC? NO. I actually want it to go up. Because 3k BTC means that volume and volatility is going to die and the trading game is going to get boring.
Is 3k good long term? YES. Because I still believe that BTC will rebound. 3k means longer consolidation for a bigger boom and cheap alts. It's the short-term I'm worried about. The long-term we should be fine.

It's like when your friend falls in love with a terrible person. And you tell your friend that the terrible person is a terrible person. But your friend doesn't listen because she is BLINDED by love. And she doesn't realized how terrible that person is until something ridiculous happens. And its not until then she has the "aha!" moment. PLEASE. If you say "BTC to $20k!", also say "But maybe even $3k! WHO KNOWS." LOL
Understand that there is a process for BTC to get to where its planning to go. The predecessing (just made that word up) moments for "moon" phase don't happen overnight.
Bình luận: I noticed I automatically put "she" LOL. *he/she*
Bình luận: Just a forewarning. You guys know I don't recommend stuff all the time. And I have been wrong before when I've recommended stuff. But please don't go long at $7800.. Remove your buy orders from there. That level is not gonna hold. Always a chance that it does. But chances have minimized now.
Bình luận:

The Short term is dependent on the channel support holding (which I dont think it will)... So the purple arrows are unlikely. Each option is according to wave count. The white option is my most favorable right now.
Bình luận: Crap i forgot to put the update on here... one sec
Bình luận: My target box :)
Everything is now different. We have 5 waves down. Bears. Get the guns out.
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soory elball it s a little to difficult for me to understand the post in english..i m french;;i m litle bit confuse what do you mean by your last post..I would like to ask you when btc is going to hit around 8700 dollars do you think we get a chance bct is going down again??...i get a little of extra euros i m waiting since one months the good time to but more btc..i mIss the good deal on friday
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Why do you think the zig-zag wont make it to the upper bound of the wedge @ $9200 ?
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Eball8 pseudomania
@pseudomania, I'm basing this upon a local fib of .328 and swing high of 8800. That appeared to be a tough resistance. $9200 is possible but not in my eyes for the short term.
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Phản hồi
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Eball8 armaniioz
@armaniioz, bienvenue :)
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