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Trade XEM for 100% return and much more

Hello Friends,

You all know, a recent attack on Japanese exchange and XEM coins were hacked.

lets do the math and read the news.

1) Max/ Current current supply : 8,999,999,999 coins, 500 M coins direct deduction / reduction. Hackers wnot provide the coins again and they cannot sell because it is tagged by the NEM team.
2) Coincheck going to refund the money I assume it is XEM coin, then it has to be bought. So 500M buy again which is going to be the huge one.
3) We all know XEM is fundamentally strong.

Considering all the above, I recommend a buy.

News info:

$530M worth (500 M coins) were stolen from Coincheck, worst hack.


NEM team has confirmed that stolen coins can be traced and tagged.

Coincheck is ready to refund the amount, I assume they would provide it in the XEM .

Technically :

Price is moving in the symmetric triangle

Entry 0.00007500-0.00008600

Stop loss: 0.00006400

Target : 0.00019000
Bình luận: We are on the support.
Bình luận: #XEM on support, RSI down to earth. So I expect an upside. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
@maheswar81 thats a cool guess. in reality if they cant get back those coin in the supply then there is shortage.and i see then XEM should be more than 5$ , just a guess but the 500M coin value will add in the existing supplied coin. what do you think?
Phản hồi

Whether it is hacked or I bought the coin, can they change the ownership of my coin? Hope you got it. If they can change the ownership, it is going to be the disaster. If XEM team can change my ownership to another which is another hack. I believe it should not be the case.

They can mark those coins as hacked as per the team news.

Phản hồi
Wouldn't bringing all those coins back send the market further down due to a higher supply influx and people with a bad taste for it selling off when they get their coins back?
Phản hồi
maheswar81 RotiWokeman

Yes, but if they bring coins what I hold, then we should exit. I believe they can track it but they cannot bring it in the supply, that breaks the actual logic ownership.
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