XLM repeating fractal bubble pattern

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
If XLM breaks under the 20 day moving average when they meet again soon, it'll do exactly what it did last time: return to the underlying trendline . These similar bubble and blow-off patterns are typical of cryptos and very obvious in the altcoins. It is how bitcoin grows. The problem for XLM is that its underlying trend is still very flat (somewhere in the 100s of sats ). The blow-off period may be longer or short than the previous, but the next bubble will reach new highs.

This applies only IF the 20 ma is broken.
Bình luận: Just to clarify what I mean here because some questions. Purely as an example, if XLMBTC goes down to 100 then goes up over the year to 10000 sats and BTC is at that time 50k USD, then that is 5 USD per XLM, really it's not the end of the world guys!
Bình luận: Price is finally falling after one year!
Guys we can all se enow the manipulation of criminals like Jed Mccaleb & his associates, who quite frankly all belong in jail.
This is one funny analyz. Where is the TA in this ? Bubble part? Stop confusing mind of the people with your weird opinions.
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@cnbbcn, lol if you think a post which prob gets less than 1000 views is going to harm your asset, you'v bought the wrong asset.
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cnbbcn BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, %80 of this people are just ' lookers' are fishing in a wrong place. I suggest you to learn some real TA.
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@cnbbcn, "fishing"? Lol. You don't get me. :)
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TA is important in all trading. When you say "next bubble will reach new hights" can I assume you meant in USD terms?
Also, of course, I'm assuming that BTC will continue to rise this year, which means sats will be worth that much more.
Still a believer in this one but I see it as a short at this time. I hold none...will buy again.
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@cryptyx, Thanks I added an update due to your question.
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agree with you
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@DavidDau, Thanks, I'm still awaiting the hate though :)
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XLM will break 1$ easily. Look at fundamentals and not just TA.
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@Geindre, We'll see, I admit I have a prejudice towards TA. Don't forget though bitcoin will be worth so much more even in a few months so I'm not saying that it's going back to 1 cent or anything.
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