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XMR/BTC big wave 5 on the way?

POLONIEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
Over a year consolidating in an what I would say is a an abcde triangle for wave 4...hmmm...big wave 5 on the way?
Bình luận: Hoping to see a bullish golden cross on the daily chart within the next week or so. Things should really get going after that.
Bình luận: 1h squeeze?
Bình luận: Aaaand there's the golden cross!
Bình luận: How i'm looking at the count right now (4h chart)...I think we either just finished the 2nd wave of 5 and are about to start the 1st wave up of a big third wave....or we have already started the 1st wave up of a big third wave. Its very confusing I know...if you don't get it just go with it for now : )
Bình luận: Think this makes the most sense
Bình luận: If this is correct we are preparing for a BIG move up : )
Bình luận: Yep 1-2 1-2 1-2 should get a 3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Revised count (wave 2 took longer in all the crypto carnage)
Bình luận: Perhaps one more dip here before lift off?
Bình luận: Could that be it?
Bình luận: Pop! When we break the dotted trendline this should get going...
Bình luận: As I pointed out on twitter...1d bbands coming in (and 3d as well)
Bình luận: breaking this level now...looks like we are going to .026, probably .023 before higher
Bình luận: If the 50 ma (around .026) does not hold (decent chance) then we should go to the green box (the bottom of which is also the 50 MA on the weekly chart)
Bình luận: Taking into account ugly candles that are about to close on the daily/3d most likely scenario in my mind is we will reach the green box (50 day ma likely will not hold).
Bình luận: Also this looks like an expanded flat correction to me:
Bình luận: Hmmmm some looks like a bounce is coming...could be all, but what scares me is this so keep it in mind:
Bình luận: Wow great 4h candle. Decent chance we have seen the worst, but until we get back above wave 1 still a chance at new lows (we never touched the 200 MA on the daily)
Bình luận: Bearish divergence on 4h stoch rsi...hmmm could be time for that next leg down if the daily candle gets rekt
Bình luận: Hmmm that could be all the down we get for now...something to consider though is that was all wave 3. Until we get back above .029 or so be ready for another leg down. Gluck!
Bình luận: Looks like bounce complete and we're ready for last leg down:
Bình luận: daily on the left 4h on the right:
Bình luận: actually its the *6h chart on the left sorry
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Finishing up wave 4 of c?
Bình luận: 12h chart...looks like a clear bear flag to me which would give even more confirmation to my wave 4 count if we break down here. Initially my targets were int he low .02xxs as mentioned and shown, but considering the length of the pole we now have a lower target (shown with green box). This area is a huge confluence of support... the .786 fib/ascending triangle trendline/1.272/382 fib extensions of the last leg up.
Bình luận: hmmm maybe i was wrong. If we start closing candles above .03 we have probably seen the worst.
Bình luận: I think its safe to say we have seen the worst, while it could just go straight to the moon more likely we'll get real nice pull back either soon or around ATH's since things are a bit overextended. Just something to be aware of. Maybe it will be once bitcoin gets going and XMR meets resistance in the low $300s? We'll see. Nonetheless the big picture is still fully in tact, big potential here.
Bình luận: Looks like the correction has begun…if really is first wave up this can correct as far as 50-78% and still be valid. 1h chart:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: While this is what i'm expecting if we do break above the red dotted line, then .03 it's possible she is already ready to go. Gluck.
Bình luận: Kissed the .786 could bounce here...
Bình luận: Looking great, lots of bullish signs here:
Bình luận: Went a bit lower...that's okay. Good time to buy more and improve your cost basis. Pretty much will stay bullish until/unless it looks like we will close a daily candle beneath 0.0235-.024.
Bình luận: Seems like it's now or never...I think now.
Bình luận: Please sir pamp it for mi familia
Bình luận: Zooming back out...

This is what i'm expecting if break ATH's. While it's is very optimistic it makes sense to me...the price spent *over a year* preparing for a big move. Do you bullieve?
Bình luận: slight change in the count (pragmatically makes no difference)
Bình luận: Bull divs errywhere on the daily...shoudl bounce hard if its going to get going
Bình luận: ledger nano support...
Bình luận: 6h USD chart...beautiful head and shoulders pattern says we are ready to go
Bình luận: Welp, lower lower lower LOL...hang in there guys, the correction is near complete if not already complete IMO. If you want to have a laugh go back and look at my ltc charts from years ago, I was the biggest moron on the planet until I wasn't lol. Of course it's possible I could be wrong and the price could go much much lower, if we start closing candles below .015 I will probably throw in the towel on this one but I really don't think that's going to happen. Good luck and remember never risk more than you can afford to lose.
Bình luận: Forgot the X and Y labels:
Bình luận: Looking good, should at least bounce here and *potentially the bottom is in.
Great last chart, truly nice analysis and I think you are right!

thank you sir, have a like!
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btc_joe TraderT33
@TraderT33, thanks! : )
Phản hồi
Nope , less than a year to prepare so 0.049 ish max :P
Phản hồi
I greatly admire your patience and updates.
Phản hồi
btc_joe megadeth
@megadeth, : ) thanks!
Phản hồi
+2 Phản hồi
btc_joe the_hitman
@the_hitman, yes please : )
Phản hồi
Lol too much. I could get the same result in under 5 min no indicators just reading the chart highs month to month, but at least you understand its real direction.
Phản hồi
btc_joe DigitalData
@DigitalData, good luck with that.
Phản hồi
huge accumulation going on over at poloniex right now for xmr/btc!
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