XMR/BTC big wave 5 on the way?

POLONIEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
2404 13 22
Over a year consolidating in an what I would say is a an abcde triangle for wave 4...hmmm...big wave 5 on the way?
Bình luận: Hoping to see a bullish golden cross on the daily chart within the next week or so. Things should really get going after that.
Bình luận: 1h squeeze?
Bình luận: Aaaand there's the golden cross!
Bình luận: How i'm looking at the count right now (4h chart)...I think we either just finished the 2nd wave of 5 and are about to start the 1st wave up of a big third wave....or we have already started the 1st wave up of a big third wave. Its very confusing I know...if you don't get it just go with it for now : )
Bình luận: Think this makes the most sense
Bình luận: If this is correct we are preparing for a BIG move up : )
Bình luận: Yep 1-2 1-2 1-2 should get a 3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5
Bình luận:
huge accumulation going on over at poloniex right now for xmr/btc!
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Great chart
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@Ero23, thanks! Let's make it come to fruition : )
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Hello @btc_joe ! Any updetes for this trade? :) It is actual for long term trade? Thank you!
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@kwarty, Not much to say...price has been gradually moving up...just getting started IMO ; )
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kwarty btc_joe
@btc_joe, It is interesting to be in this trade due to N.Korean government, universities are mining XMR)) Thank you)))
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@kwarty, the Mnuchin remarks today about working with G20 countries to make sure bitcoin doesn't become a "swiss bank account" is probably positive for XMR as well : )
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Like this chart. Been bullish on XMR (one of the few non-scam coin alts) for a while. Does this market reset change things or do I continue building position?
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@Duffy08, Not sure what you mean, another correction? Possible but I think the correction was earlier today hahah, not sure there is much left. Looks to me like the train is about to leave the station.
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@Duffy08, Oh does the correction change I don't think so, if anything it reaffirms them. Price tested former resistance, made it support, and now if it breaks .025 should start to get going...
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