Very artificial jumps in Ripple looks like "ALTERNATIVE" pattern

BITTREX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
I never seen such an exact pattern.

Such a systematic signals usually interpreted as an artificial and can't be natural.

Taking into account that Ripple is not a real cryptocurrency but debt notes that partners of ripple company allowed to use on Ripple cerified network I think somebody is artificially buying ripple to let it rise in time when people are in doubt about future of bitcoin             .

Similar to SWIFT - ripple is a closed network of banks and partners of one centralized company who can decide and SHUT DOWN it anytime or could became insolvent and all crush.

If you want to make money with RIPPLE it could be possible only if ripple will allow you to do it, because they control all - how much of ripple is on market or would be bought back.

Like a usual central Bank or FED association.

Ripple have nothing to do with cryptocurrency except using idea of distributed network and blockchains
As always, be safe and smart with your investments, use stop losses, and stick to your investment strategy! Evaluate Risk vs. Reward carefully, and don't treat a trend line like it's "the law"!

Selling Ripple with profit! And Stay away.

Thanks mate.
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