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The transformation of Ripple continues which is so obviously in a phi fractal so this is the 3rd in a series of pentagram projections as it continues to play out. As it unfolds then it will complete the needed correction onto the crypto space. In simple terms, Ripple will be #1 crypto. We'll likely all have XRP wallets on our devices doing near instant transactions by the end of the year even before Ripple hit their 2018 milestones with the banks. Ripple will become a multi trillion dollar company and banks will happily change their tune and start to positively promote blockchain (See: Japan). Regular mom and dad investors will see little reason to take the risk of moving to Bitcoin when most people are not investors and more desire safety of the banks over a currency which is the favoured coin of terrorists, pedophiles and drug pushers. Bitcoin however will continue to have massive growth, but will be in the shadows for a while as Ripple takes the spotlight. As bitcoin price descends for a period of darkness, new Bitcoin leaders will emerge who can unite the community - long standing debates will start to resolve, while at the same time we will see some kind of partnerships between the leading underdogs such as Ethereum and Ripple to work together and dethrone the current king. All speculation, of course. Buy now.
Bình luận: Some of those phi guide lines so Alice could follow the yellow brick road again
Bình luận: Ripple announced Japanese exchange Bitbank Inc has listed XRP and will begin a volume incentive campaign on June 1. (See: https://twitter.com/Ripple/status/867761...)
Currently buys coming from Japan isn't accounting for a huge portion of the growth so lots up upward potential (See: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/trade-vol...). Japan's banking adoption currently leads the way with the highest percentages of banks in the country being on board with Ripple.

Keep an eye on this:
Bình luận: After some uber long sideways period we've clearly broken out. Who's ready for another mega Ripple pump?
I've been keeping an eye on this, and it's looking promising.
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As the graph draws nearer to the edge of your phi fractal pentagon, more news strengthens XRP fundamentals, and sentiments seem more positive in the Ripple forum spaces. Collective human behavior really does have a certain tempo and pattern to it that manifests itself in price charts.

If the price really does play out as you have predicted here, I'll make a few fat stacks of cash, and then print out a giant rendition of your technical analysis chart and hang them it my house as art.
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Nice chart theme! Is it "Persian Night"?
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I'm ready! I'm ready!!!!! I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!
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same, always god moves :P
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been waiting for an update here.. thanks- though i'm not sure if it's time yet.
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Hanzel, what do u think about this pump tonight ?? from .00008 to .000106 ??
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17tulio 17tulio
@17tulio, Hanz sorry, corrector
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bagholding 17tulio
@hanzeholdinworth How are we doing? Is correction over or this is another bear trap? Keep up the good work. Thanks for the awesome graphics.
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Can you insert your previous target sir?
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