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POLONIEX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
The Ripple(XRP) obelisk was risen on Apr 2. As banks attempt to reposition themselves competitively in the new crypto space. But a structure that size needs foundation or it will topple , and topple it did. Now to get it back up again in the direction it's going - well there's 2 options, and the foundations or fundamentals are in place for either to occur.

1. The forces making the tripod to pull the structure back up are going to lift it on its head right here, so we may see a sudden surge upward right now, but we can expect another quick drop since obviously Obelisks aren't designed to stand upside down.

2. The longer and more realistic path is to use rotational force, and bring the base around closer to where the tripod stands now. This is much more boring but probably the option of choice for long term holders.

Either way, it seems reasonable the force behind needed to move or lift the obelisk are in place - you can pass the variables into the formula if you want. I'd be interested to hear what inputs you have for the vars. The question here is whether the lessons are learned from the last erection have been will determine whether we see sustained growth or another topple.
Bình luận: Here's an idea of placement if we get some horizontal rotation of the Ripples' obelisk.
Bình luận: Self explanatory what is happening here. Pentagonal shift confirmed. The phi gods have spoken, but do you listen?
where you man?
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You are astoundingly and creatively brilliant! Thank you for this.
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I see that the chart of XRP follows the outside of the pentagon. Why do you have the inside 'star' line going up and right in yellow highlighted at the bottom right? Further, is there any math here? could you share equations? I get a scammy feel from this post, I mean why the hell is the rest of the pentagram there if we only use the bottom... but also a 'deep knowledge' feel. Please teach us your thought process!
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Why is the outside of the pentagon traced by the chart and the inner star line highlighted at the bottom right? Do you have any equations you can share? Whats the meaning of the circles?

In short, I like the analysis but I have no idea what you're thinking. could you please clarify a bit?
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hcolmenarescz ThatGuyStrikesAgain
@ThatGuyStrikesAgain, creo dice que el precio siguiente es 0.00008, despues de alguna consolidacion en 0.000055, tampoco entiendo mucho el mensaje! espero sea ese!
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hanzeholdinworth ThatGuyStrikesAgain
@ThatGuyStrikesAgain, The whole picture is relevant. All pieces connect. You can not see the small without seeing the whole and of course, vice versa.
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Oh god, it really went long. So you can see future?
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hanzeholdinworth Wave-Expert
@Wave-Expert, You don't have to call me God. Hanz will do
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usablewifi hanzeholdinworth
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There is also the possibility of a LTC-type 2 FOMO-induced wormhole causing a sudden rise. If we follow well known quantum mechanical structures, a wormhole may form sporadically - although the the possibility is quite small. Actually an LTC type 2 FOMO wormhole arised earlier this month, however due to the poloniex flux capacitor lacking the required power, it was not fully realised - thus scaring off investors (that being said, this kind of wormhole generally results in a drop anyway - but a recovery to the original wormhole structure has not been made yet.) Hopefully with the improved flux capacitor, the target price can be fully realised in time.
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