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sooooo, anyone with a working set of eyes....or even just 1 decent eye...can see how these are similar. The earlier XRP charts on TV or the many on my twitter feed have been following and calling this fractal up & down for about 10months now. Either the new money in the system steps in changes the shape of this outcome or else late buyers are *$%ked. Waiting with popcorn for bad news or new market adoptions to come out.
Bình luận: pattern is still repeating.

Bình luận:
STILL repeating

go hide in a corner if you haven't been listening to this advice.
Bình luận:
next consolidation will let us know if the fractal will continue
Bình luận:
same comment as before. consolidation lets the tail. as of right now it's completed the location & percentage gain requirements for this leg to be over if the pattern continues to hold.
Bình luận:
first round of game theory is complete.

now we wait for a break up to a bearish ote run. or a breakdown to full dump. that is a buy for what would be a potential black friday pump season.....because btc and thus crypto tends to have some rises near then.
Bình luận: 19 months on repeat so far. the trade that keeps giving, don't fight it until it's different.
Bình luận: last consolidation did not fall as far as last time, though the pattern did hold.

the higher consolidation is better for markets. the fact the pattern has not been broken is still concerning of course.

if it continues to hold then here is where we are now:
Bình luận: now in a high time frame inflection point for the market. would be nice to see this not play out the whole way. getting boring,

Bình luận: so close
Bình luận: L-oh-L

Bình luận: I did an article here:
Bình luận: um no that's not it. lol.

this is the article and update: https://coinstreetnews.com/2020/05/xrp-f...
Bình luận: Oh YA!

Bình luận

and few more weeks again
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few more weeks
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Phản hồi
that little bump on the road
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Hello sir, last updated chart can not be opened...Wish you all the best
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so its good to buy around this prices...until it then goes on with the pattern of moonig?
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no idea how this only had 12 likes. ppl never show appreciation, 2k ppl benefited, those lurkers.
Im a little worried about xrp/str here. but "lets see".
could be btc breakout upwards and dominance increases? not sure, xrp used to be opposite btc for years, except these last months. maybe it will return.
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Where can i find more information about this so called "fractal of doom" to which you are referring. I've read about fractals but i dont understand the common ways they can reverse, and can't seem to find anything about it on google. Thanks!
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but xrp is the new bitcoin amergawrd
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