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XRP ROUND TWO; wait till judgement call line

BITSTAMP:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
Wait until it bounces off the violet line to buy, still possible for it to keep going down then rise back up
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: XRP hugging the upper trend line, watch carefully, could jump out
Bình luận: most likely going down to 0.00006666, could fall further, but if it re-bounds off the gold arrow it is going up for round 2
Bình luận: If a lot of people buy in now, it could push it over
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: ROUND TWO WOOO
Bình luận: (fyi it is still heading up, xrp has a habbit of moving horizontally first)
I need to learn how to create these charts myself. What do you recommend I read/watch videos on? I'm currently studying RSI, Bollinger and MACD.
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@donyewuc, I couldn't recommend anything as I predict stocks by intuition and learning how to read them by observing markets for a year, a better way to tell what is going to happen is learning about the cryptos themselves and getting a larger perspective of world events. Understanding what people want to keep secret and the battle between fiat and crypto is also important especially surrounding Ripple. I'm actually studying Electrical Engineering. I'm good at recognizing patterns aka why I post them haha.
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donyewuc thomas58700
@thomas58700, I see. The rumors surrounding Ripple are definitely getting louder by the day. I'll combine the technical analysis end with intuition. I've been swing-trading entirely on intuition and it's paid off so far. But I feel like the higher-risk entries require a better understanding of the market.

I'm in Computer Engineering. Looks like we should both be considering a business minor haha.
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@donyewuc, If I'm good at recognizing patterns, then why not post my findings; doesn't take me anymore effort and I'm helping others with their investments. :)
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bot01110011 thomas58700
@thomas58700, You're the best
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I really like the simple language you used in your graphs for suggestions.
It would be great if you can post the graph with XRP/USD. it would help us newbies more to understand.
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pieslorde tinkugarg
@tinkugarg, I personally like the BTC based graphs since I spend most of my time pumping between XRP/BTC. For example, binance only allows trades like that, so its best to try and amass BTC regardless of it's current value and then wait for BTC to Bull to cash-out.
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@tinkugarg, you also can't observe break-out oscillations on XRPUSD very well either as most people are trading between BTC->XRP
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tinkugarg thomas58700
@thomas58700 when you are highlighting the btc as 0.00007212 ,what this value comes in USD and how I can convert these BTC values in USD so that from nxt time I can convert it myself.
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@tinkugarg, BTC is a cryptocurrency, just pop it in to google convert 7212 to USD, if you don't know how cryptocurrencies work then you shouldn't be trading in them haha, they are very volatile
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