my idea of a trendline for XRPUSD

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
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I believe that it is the time for XRP to regain its position.
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No not yet. Wait until its 20 or 30 cents in a few months
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adishepherd philrego
@philrego, in order to be that low, BTC need to drop at least at 4k as you can see, the pair btcxrp is at 50% since the last ATH and no signs indicate to drop further.
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philrego adishepherd
@adishepherd, lol no. Your chart is XRPUSD and I said 20 or 30 cents. It has nothing to do with BTC. However the total crypto market cap is relevant, but the market cap was over 600Bil last time XRP was at 20 cents, and it's at 400Bil now. So there's no reason it can't drop further. Ripple market cap then was about 10Bil if the market cap stays around 400Bil I'll look to buy XRP around 8Bil market cap.

Additionally a lot of people got burned by XRP. I don't expect people to be jumping back on the bandwagon anytime soon. Look at XRP in Spring 2017, it's the same pattern we're seeing now. It will at least take until April when it would be a good idea to go long for significant amount of time. Be patient the trade is there, but don't get stuck in this downtrend.
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adishepherd philrego
@philrego, till now it looks like the trend line still hold
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philrego adishepherd
@adishepherd, you're right. I checked my formula a couple days ago and .9 is technically a buy for me. Would be suprised if it goes under .8 without something dramatic happening.

What line are you using?
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adishepherd philrego
@philrego, I still follow this line and I still hold and bought some more at .9 My target is 5-5.4 usd on june-july.
Phản hồi
philrego adishepherd
@adishepherd, what is that line called tho like how could I get it on my chart
Phản hồi
adishepherd philrego
@philrego, oh, you can find it where the brush is -> curve
Phản hồi
adishepherd philrego
@philrego, forth option on the left tools
Phản hồi
philrego adishepherd
@adishepherd, thank you
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