Ripple. Consolidation under $ 0.9 will result $0.25

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
On the way to the almost non-stopping fall of XRPUSD to the "platform" at $ 0.25 is the last support level at $ 0.65.
The rebound-consolidation that has begun will most likely be limited to $ 0.90 - that’s where the fast moving average of the daily chart is and that’s good place to open short positions. The maximum is the slow moving average (today it’s $ 1.16)
Every day, both averages are reducing more and more, "pressing" the rate lower and lower ...
Until the crossing of moving averages will give a buy signal, further decline is more likely.
And with a breakdown of $ 0.65, we are likely to have an equally dramatic collapse to $ 0.25, as the previous amazing growth from $ 0.25 to $ 0.9 within three days in December last year.
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I agree with this analysis totally!
Phản hồi
mmmmm going up right now
Phản hồi
icexch PRO FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, to 0.90 may be. Easy. For some time.
Phản hồi
to 1.6 and then going back to 1 to go up to 2.8 . It could be as you say if we don't break .9 but today its gonna be broken @icexch,
Phản hồi
icexch PRO FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, ok. we will see.
+1 Phản hồi
@icexch, Yes, right know its like a bet but I have my analysis to say this, as you
Phản hồi
icexch PRO FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, OK, thank you
Phản hồi
Aurelius22 FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, Man, idk about that. Looks like another bull trap.
We've been having a fair number of pumps these days. Perhaps that will strengthen the downtrend even more.
I am a strong believer that it will hit .223.
+1 Phản hồi
FernandoMocer Aurelius22
@Aurelius22, today I believe so so I cut my lose and sold. Going to wait for that
Phản hồi
Aurelius22 FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, Good. Sometimes holding isn't the best strategy. All of that ripple you'll buy at that price (if it happens), will greatly determine how much you'll make when it hits high prices. This is a very important moment for bearish traders like myself, so good luck.
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