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XRP It will be new signal of next bull

KRAKEN:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
Hello, friends
Now the whole market is struggling with the current 10% volatility!
I think the ripple is the signal to rise, the current price in 1.20-1.44 range, if the price can break through 1.44, then it will test 1.66, if the price can be stable operation in 1.5 above, I think the market will enter the bull market as a whole
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Bình luận:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Buy more at 1.28
Bình luận: I answer the questions on here:
In this cycle ,the performance of Ripple will be better than BTC

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Too risky to buy now IMO. No volume or a solid indication says it will jump. BTC 1D candle is red and as you know it affects the entire market!
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It's a fair call, given the market was hit by alot of bad news I expect that people are still a bit scared to invest in crypto. But as soon as some confidence returns there would be some momentum. Ripple is backed by a strong team and its speed and ease of transfer is still better than alot of other cryptos. Overall it should do well. Of course, the next bad news to hit the market is going to affect recovery but that's impossible to predict.
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Jakama HorseyTim
@HorseyTim, I think that even bigger factor as bad news and PR is the fact that people are stuck with crypto they bought at very high prices. in times of hype at the end of the year people were pumping in money like mad, and a lot of them is holding and waiting for the prices to come back. and for sure a lot of Common Joes are so scared of loosing money again that they will not invest fresh money. So we are waiting for commpletely new or institutional investors. But they dont stand around on every corner...
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why XRP will be better?
if BTC down in the past..
XRP dumped harder

so its more like =
if btc dump = xrp dump better
if btc triump = xrp rise better
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nixel AndreChristianto
@AndreChristianto, Why everyone thinks that BTC control the entire market?
There is a bad news about cryptos, not for BTC only! Bad crypto news force entire market down. There is no relation with BTC!
When bad news gone people reinvest in different cryptos, and entire market go up. But there is also no relation with BTC.
People just see that BTC and XRP (as example) are going down and instantly makes conclusions that there is relation. This is wrong logic. You have to analyze the source of consequences, not the final ones.
Sometimes I think that there is prehistoric era and everybody makes conclusions depending on the stars position on the sky. There is no logical reasons to think that way.
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that argument is misleading
here is why BTC does matter
BTC is leading at current moment for every crypto
surely that alone will effect sentiment of the market,
think of it as future of crypto still depend tightly to BTC
look at coinmarketcap.com and you will see the market of volume of btc domination percentage

why? because its still infant market

in the other side yes it will fade when the time is come for other crypto to lead the market
it could be any potential coins,
I can see that
but not now, not today, not even in near future

so do you think BTC do nothing?
I hope you are very right
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nixel AndreChristianto
You are both correct and incorrect.
I agree that BTC is at the core of market sentiment, but BTC is dead long time ago. BTC can not meet the goals for which it was created. Now BTC exists only because of speculation.
I cannot tell the same for Ethereum and Ripple as example.
Ethereum - very big expectations. Brilliant platform to bring new life for everything.
XRP - the crypto which will knocked a knife in the back of the Bitcoin. Ripple have much more potential that people thinks. It can become a bridge between FIAT and Crypto, it is not only for real-time settlements.

Coinmarketcap statistic is not relevant to crypto relation. However you are right. While all people want to speculating with Bitcoin - it will exist. There is no future, but if everyone believe that there is - then it will live.

And I really think that BTC do not moves the market. Not directly.
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too many too mention
all cryptocurrencies
when it come to tech
XRP is not alone

why you choose XRP is your own personal taste
its understandable
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nixel AndreChristianto
@AndreChristianto, It is funny but my idea for trend can be confirmed soon @ 1.10
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@nixel, :) good luck mate
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