XRPUSD (12h): Sounds hard, but possible... 1.35 > 3 > 2 > 5 USD

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
In the last few weeks we have seen a strong run on Ripple.
Even for me, who has been trading for many years, this was
a interesting experience. We are not talking about a small coin
that has little market volume and can therefore rise extremely
fast, but about a "big" coin. Currently the number 2 behind bitcoin             .

Now many people wonder what happens next:
Even more profit or correction?

Of course, anything can happen on the crypto market. And the price
could continue to rise, but we've all learned that at some point
the end could come and things will be the same over and over again.
In short: what shoots up comes down again.

Fibo is a good instrument here. As the TA looks like, we have
reached the top at around 3 USD. That is why we could certainly
expect a correction.

How high would this correction be? Generally speaking, a correction
to Fibo 38% could be expected for sharply rising prices, which would mean
a price of around 1.35 USD. Furthermore, we could expect a market
recovery until just below ATH             . That's about $3 - naturally with market
movements in between. Before we move on th             next top (Fibo 1.62),
at about 5 USD, we could see correction to 2 USD.

it's just a possible idea. Maybe we only see a correction to 2 USD
(Fibo 62%). But I think we should take everything into
consideration, including 1.35 USD.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): update. still along the trendline.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (2h): update. trendline still works.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (2h): update. still exactly on the trendline.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (2h): update. stop at 1.75 possible. exactly on the trendline.

Bình luận: in addition. 30 min view with a poss stop at 1.85. be watchful ...
Bình luận: update:
Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): situation chart ...

Bình luận: XRPUSD (8h): trenline still works. in principle, the situation at ripple has not changed, even if a new partner (moneygram) for ripple has appeared. And dont forget: sell good new. buy bad news. lets see the next days.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (8h): siutation chart ...

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): situation chart ... trendline still works.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): no change so far. trendline still works.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): right along the trend line.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): trend line still works.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): way down to 0.9 usd (fibo 23) maybe open and possible ...

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): it has exactly touched the support line. re-entered yesterday.

Bình luận: XRPUSD (4h): next possible development, if the down trend further continue.



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hello have a nice weekend as i see you are too early today :) have you any update for xrp thanks lot best regads
Phản hồi
i understand from your ta it will go down best regads thanks
Phản hồi
btcinvests PRO ilkayozcelik
@ilkayozcelik, current it depends on btc. the market is still weak.
Phản hồi
ilkayozcelik btcinvests
@btcinvests, i will listen your advice thanks
Phản hồi
Javim777 btcinvests
@btcinvests, You are right... The correlation with bitcoin is stunning...
Phản hồi
hello have a nice day sir do you have any uodate for ripple thanks best regads
Phản hồi
Hi :) when 3$ when when when :) february ?
Phản hồi
Great analysis!
Phản hồi
@Javim777, thx. :-)
Phản hồi
@btcinvests, great peace of work fellow Goblin. To be honest I never expected it to go this low, but it did.
Phản hồi
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