XRPUSD - This fractal will engulf the crypto market.

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
XRP will be the first Crypto to go corporate. Cue elevator music, we're going to the top floor !
Bình luận: Some analysis think xrp will test the bottom. I'm counting on it. it's all part of the red fractal
Bình luận: Looks like the rally came earlier than expected. I thought we'd get a double bottom, but history rhymes, and not necessarily repeats.

NEW PLAN : TP @ 2.2 and rebuy @ 1.2

Reason : Strong resistance @ 2.2 and good support around 1.1
Alot of buyers may be waiting at 1.5, but they can't catch enough sellers who want to TP, plenty of sellers waiting at 1.1 but when fomo hits they'll probably up their buy price.

Of course this can all change if XRP decides not to follow through on my fractal plan.
Bình luận: The pattern is still intact. The big move up will commence after Chinese / Korean New Year.
Phản hồi
Hi , would you mind elaborating on why you think it will end up top floor first ?
And when you say top floor, well what in your opinion is an optimistic conservative price estimate ?

Just would like to know the expectations of others backing this coin like myself. So far I have only lost money, though I may have been best Holdling and never trying to catch the falling knife !
Phản hồi
hosweetim89 krisso9876
@krisso9876, I have no idea, this is a long shot. It might hit 7+ or 8. We've all been burnt bad by the recent crash, but we gotta be like the Winklevoss twins and not flinch and worry.
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