RIPPLE Is One Of The Hottest New Coins And It Only Cost 2 $!!

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
- Ripple is one of the hottest new cryptocurrencies and it only costs a bit over $2 per coin
- It's a bit harder to buy than Bitcoin , however, since it's not available in popular apps such as Coinbase.
- We'll walk you through how to buy some, by first buying Ethereum and then using that to buy Ripple on an exchange called Bitsane

This was the exact words, written by CNBC, when they gave you a-step-by-step guide to buy Ripple the 2nd January 2018 - they also updated the article January the 8th when it was above 3 dollars!

Dear Ripple-Owners - here is D4s condolences to you guys!

We are now taking a look at the 1D BTCUSD Chart. So here is the good news. We have found huge support on 54 cent - I want you to take notice of the RSI . Huge support at the 30 level. In fact Ripple has NEVER gone into to the oversold zone on the 1D chart.

This might hold if Bitcoin can go into an uptrend after a bounce at 7,200 USD - but IF BTC will go to 6k, expect a massacre. Next support is 46 cent, and if this support doesn't hold we are in free fall to 29 cent.

Thank you CNBC!!

D4 loves you!

I would appreciate if you gave me a LIKE. Would mean a lot to mean. AS ALWAYS - Thanks in advance :)
Bình luận: So for the first time ever, did Ripple break the RSI support on the 1D Chart. We went down to 45 cent, and after the consolidation we are seeing Bitcoin at the moment, Ripple has now gone up to 50 cent.

Ripple is still doing worse than Bitcoin! And you can expect that Ripple down to 30 cent if Bitcoin will go to 6k USD.

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Phản hồi
Lol, dude, I think your content is cool, I know this article is from March, but $2? Hot? No. Can't say I agree with you. I bought XRP when it was .22c. To me, it's still the same. reason being, I waited so long for it to hit 1$. When it eventually did, i was fed up with the way XRPUSD trades, I eventually sold it all and bought more NEO. best decision of my life! But, different folk different stroke. Keep up the good work!
Phản hồi
VincentX VincentX
@VincentX, Oops, just saw the title. Peace and pineapples
Phản hồi
Bitsane? Really?! That exchange trades $100k in volume a day.
Phản hồi
I dont think there is any point thinking about the support for XRP & other Alt Coins... its btc corelated.. btc goes to 6k.. xrp at 0.30... btc goes to 3k.. xrp to 0.10.. it doesnt matter what supports & resistances these coins have.. im gonna buy XRP when btc gets to 6k.. whatever the xrp price is at that moment.. will sell it when btc bounces to 6.6-7k... buy again when btc goes to 5k
+4 Phản hồi
D4rkEnergY crypto_hodl3
@crypto_hodl3, So yea, I agree. But try to make 3 charts plus updates every day on the same coin pair, and you will not have any followers left if you just say what you are saying :)
Phản hồi
MoneyRight D4rkEnergY
@D4rkEnergY, not everyone is a hoe like u
Phản hồi
up xrp....gogo
Phản hồi
0,30 cents i will buy some
Phản hồi
If you love it at 2...you'll adore it at 0.2.
+13 Phản hồi
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