XRP becoming more attractive $0.54-$0.56 area CRUCIAL...

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
XRP is compelling in this area, but if $0.54-$0.56 area doesn't hold then we will revisit the $0.2226-$0.39887 range. Let's see if the 200 DAY and 30 WEEK SMA's can hold. That will tell us all we need to know for the short term...

For the LT             I look at XRP as an OPEN ENDED CALL OPTION on the IoV. Stable company, good management team in place, let's see...
Bình luận: If you took the trade, let's move our stops up to a nice take profit area. Not out of the woods yet and struggling at resistance.

You'll never go broke taking a profit!

Good luck!
Bình luận: Time to move stops up again. If we break resistance at $1.02 we are gonna rip for real. Good luck!
Tự đóng giao dịch: Looking at some serious resistance in the $1.00 area. Cut to core position and let's see if we get a better price to re-enter in the $0.75-$.80 area...
Bình luận: With LTC breaking out and the rest of crypto looking low-key bullish, I really like this trade as a HOLD.
0.22 it will be
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@velter, it wouldn't shock me at all. Everyone expects it, that's the only reason I'm doubting it. :)
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@kg3333333, check the 3 day chart w/ Bollinger bands and ichimoku clouds...
Its not just expected... it will hit the cloud line currently trending @ .22549
Then, quickly bounce back up.

I suspect it will be a "FALLING KNIFE SCENARIO" by Feb. 12th at the latest if not sooner.
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kg3333333 PRO WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, I took a look at your ideas...looks like you were getting long at the top. Check mine. I was getting long at $0.18-$0.25. Check my comments on other charts and you'll see I sold 50% between $2.70-$3.00 and another 25% near $2.20. I'm fully aware of the risks of trading this market.

If we break the area I defined above, I'll be more inclined to agree with you.
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kg3333333 PRO kg3333333
@kg3333333, I apologize for being snarky. Felt like the comment was a bit condescending given the fact that I pointed out the $0.22 level as a strong possibility should price lose the level I pointed out in my title (which it has since bounced strongly off of).

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@kg3333333, My apologies...
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@velter, agreed - my buy order is at .245
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it will be horrible for me to see that it comes until 0.2-0.4, it seems like a joke for me to see these values while my average xrp cost is 2,5 :( huge lost :( everyday I lose my hope about recovery
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kg3333333 PRO ercanaydin1988
@ercanaydin1988, If your avg cost is $2.50, you should begin buying more should we hit the $0.22 area. Try to get your avg cost down as much as possible during this downturn.

You should consider this a LONG TERM investment at this point. Crypto is still in it's early days and is HIGHLY speculative. Whatever you do, do not realize the loss by selling. In a year or 2 you'll likely be feeling much better.

You've learned a tough lesson that every trader has dealt with at some point in their career. Remember, buy when there is blood in the streets and sell when everyone wants to buy.

I was selling in the area you were buying in after entering between $0.18-$0.25. That said, I purchased a portion of my original position back yesterday at $0.68. So, take that for what it's worth.

Yes, more downside is likely in the short term, but we have to look at the fundamental story here. XRP is fundamentally stronger than ever. Take heart, we may not see $2.50 again for a few months/years, but eventually we will. Markets overshoot both ways.

Best of luck in your trading, don't let this get you down, stay in the games. The markets can be brutal at times, but they are also beautiful and can provide you with a great life if you stick with it!
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@kg3333333, I am very appreciated for spending time to reply me and advice me!! indeed I also think of buying more to get avg cost down but at the same time a fear blocks me which whispers me that this cryptocurrencies will blast so do not enter with more Money to löse. a complicated feeling, meanwhile I do not realize the loss with hope of recovery. ur sentence "buy when there is blood in the streets and sell when everyone wants to buy" explains this situation perfectly,
lets see what will happen, again thank you very much for reply
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