meanwhile, BTC is better!!
Phản hồi
@bryanvali, =)) "This IS the new BTC!" Soon to beat it's fargun - icehole.
My guess is it will beat BTC by January 4th, 2018
left click and hold the chart and drag it to he left, up and down... to view everything.
Phản hồi
BabaGoli WizardOfRealms

First of all this chart is XRP, it would be better if you have an idea, please post on the BTC page, Now in the BTC I believe in the near future (6 months-one year) btc exceeds the $ 40000 threshold but the problem at the moment is not that, I agree with you, if you look into my charters published ten months ago, there I said this hypothesis that I think today is perfectly viable, the problem at the moment is in correction , is the wave (IV) correction terminated and here to climb up for wave (V) or still has a minimum wave correction?
Phản hồi
@BabaGoli, Forgive me BabaGoli, but my chart above in the link is about XRP. Did not mean to upset you. Click on it. You will see it is XRP.

Other than that I was just making a prediction against BTC by way of XRP CHART and the way it has surpassed Etherium. The chart is: OFF THE CHART.

I do appreciate your comments anytime. Thank you.
Phản hồi
BabaGoli WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, appreciate your gesture, definitely whenever you are welcome for a constructive dialogue, succes
Phản hồi
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