XRP +289% target $9.90 by Jan-13-2018

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BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
My prior 325% call came through as expected.

New targets are:
+180% to $5.80 by Jan-6th
-61% retracement to $4.00-4.25 (new buy zone or HODL)
+289% to $9.90 by Jan-13th
Stop loss at $1.75

Bình luận: My targets moved a little bit (carried over from my previous XRP chart), see below. I've not adjusted my Jan-13th target yet.

Next target $5.20 by Jan-6th. We've already touched the 61% fib retracement, time for more upward movement.

Bình luận: New Targets. Red down arrow notes when we break above $9.00, there may be a major sell off, pushing us down another fib retracement level below 61%. If it's a normal wave, we may see $14.25 as the next target due to a shift from BTC to XRP (market cap shift).

I don't know if we'll go much over $9 at this point, especially without some major announcements from Coinbase, Uber and Amazon as rumored. But if we do, the FOMO may be strong and may push us up to $14-15 per XRP.

I've created arcs in this one, showing our drop during the 61% fib retracement, before we move upward again. This type of drawing may prove to be slightly more accurate than straight arrows to my targets.

Bình luận: Here, in case you were wondering.. we are still in consolidation mode and we're barely touching on the 61% fib retracement line. I've changed my straight arrow to a curve, so you can see what is expected to happen.

Coinbase can say all day long they aren't going to accept it. But it's not true until they actually release it publicly. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. ;-)

Aside from coinbase, there are other rumors, including Uber, Amazon, $3 Trillion coming from India institutions (banks), Japan acceptance (another $1 Trillion), etc.

Bình luận: I completely do NOT believe in this one, but it's what the chart tells me on the 1D. There is no coordination with the 1D ichimoku or I might consider it closer to valid.

Bình luận: Please do your research to understand the market. Here is some news related to Ripple. I know a lot of people are concerned, but this is because CMC took Korean exchanges out of the global average calculation for XRP values, thus causing the price to fall dramatically and then people started panic selling.

In reality, things didn't change much, they are just calculated differently now.


Bình luận: It's been a rough couple weeks in crypto. Targets adjusted. New Pitchfork.

Bình luận: And if we were to take on a similar volume as the last 35 days..

Bình luận

What the fuck are you smoking?
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gasperkosmac TheCryptAlpha
@TheCryptAlpha, his predictions are at least as high as he was when he made them
+3 Phản hồi
Is absolutely fake and impossible,
i will explain... XRP need to have around 470.000.000.000 capital (double more then BTC at the moment ) to be 10$ per one XRP.
And all this in few week plan? I don’t thing so, XRP is pumped at the moment thanks by all new beginners. Who are trying to get rich fast, and they think Ripple can go 20.000$ in future.
:) LOL
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Crypto66 rootsci
@rootsci, In this crazy world is nothing impossible anymore.. there is enough money around to put in the market.
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skychall Crypto66
@Crypto66, I get that, but this chart is wayyyy optimistic imo. Not saying it's impossible but in this short time, it's very unlikely. Hopefully coinbase starts to carry XRP, if that's the case we will certainly see higher prices.
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@rootsci, The thing is..if all those new beginners think that they can get ripple to $20 in the future. Guess what... they will. Thats how the market works. It doesnt give a sh!t about what you think. It does what it does. Now im not disagreeing that it would be a very high market cap. But the current market as it is has a higher dollar value than ever before, and the prices are not at their all time highs. What does that mean? New money. And most likely, youre going to see a hell of a lot more.
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cryptoj0e Arvin_Darred
@Arvin_Darred, exactly. People thought $2 was impossible. now look.
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Arvin_Darred cryptoj0e
@cryptoj0e, Not even that. Did you ever think a bitcoin would be worth 15-20k? and it did that with little to 0 media coverage. This stuff is all over the news now, everyones talking about it. The moneys coming. The exchanges are the bottle neck. Every single one of them is in a backlog of new users/funds. Wait till that flood gate opens up. Im not saying this graph is accurate or precise. But hes on the right track for sure.
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TremorD Arvin_Darred
@Arvin_Darred, I can agree with you here, But his target dates might be a little off. 9.90 by jan 13th?!? That’d be awesome! But that seems very optimistic. Depending on if the circulating supply remains the same, we could see good increases. But if the ripple foundation decides to release more supply. We may begin to see flat or declining price along with the FUD
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rootsci Arvin_Darred
@Arvin_Darred, I`m sure that Cryptocurrency is the future of the world. And i`m also sure that another Cryptocurrency not BTC will be dominating in next 2-3 years.
But at the moment i`m pretty sure that when "some people" decide to sell their XRP all this people (mostly beginners) will lose their money.
I don't trust Ripple because company and is a centralized real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network by Ripple. Also called the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or Ripple protocol, it is built upon a distributed open source Internet protocol, consensus ledger and native cryptocurrency called XRP (ripples).
They decide what will be with XRP, you can`t mine , if they want they can produce XRP more and more. Ripple Is company, BITCOIN is not company that`s why is so more interesting ; ). No body controls him
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