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CRYPTOFAIL: RIP Ripple - Banks Don't Need You / Other Options

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ

I know this will not agree with the HODL'ers. I was big on Ripple too as a spec trade but for HODL, use some logic. This is the most important point for anyone who wants to invest in a $100B dollar company...THAT MAKES NO MONEY. Every article and interview that I've come across, does not answer the big Q, "HOW WILL RIPPLE MAKE MONEY?" The 'CEO' talks around this but never addresses, how Ripple can have a $100B+ valuation because of some future hope of financial institutions using XRP? The future means more competition, not less.

Use some logic on this, XRP is not any better than any other similar competitor, in fact Hashgraph/Tangle is far better than any blockchain. In the blockchain space, Cardano 'ADA' or 'NEM' are better. The financial world is waking up to the fact there are many great competitors in this race and they can also develop their own solutions. The ultimate solution is that countries will develop their own crypto version of their currencies. Then no need for Ripple or anyone else.

Recently, Ripple survived on a massive rally up from 1.60 to just over 2.20 but didn't hold it and tried again one more time on lower volume to around 2.16. This was probably a manipulated rally to try and get interest back but the real volume didn't show up. Even the Moneygram trialing XRP play didn't work.

I repeat, Ripple/XRP had no real value aside from a trade. No one in any article has answered HOW RIPPLE WILL MAKE MONEY. You that real world stuff that pays bills and keeps your business afloat. The Ripple insiders became insane billionaires off the herd...period. They were an amazing speculative trade, nothing more.

This was finally caught by those in the know: Read the following and take it in. If you understand and when the big players figure it out, it's RIP Ripple.


Why the Hot Cryptocurrency Ripple is Going Down in Flames

"But not all the transactions that banks make on the Ripple platform have to use the XRP tokens, as was pointed out by The New York Times . Instead, banks could use dollars, euros, or another local currency on the Ripple platform, circumventing the alt-coin.

This cuts into what some buyers of XRP hope: that it can become a “bridge currency” used by financial institutions to make payments across borders.

In other words, as investors come to realize that Ripple the company does not need XRP the token to soar in price to be successful, investors may further cool to XRP."

Bình luận: XRP is a speculative TRADER's dream. XRP is purely for trading at this point.
Bình luận: WARNING!

Think about this, there are a few people that have billions worth of XRP that they can't dump on the market except during strong rallies OR sell to institutional investors. The insiders have to keep the hype going or they can't cash out. Everyone is figuring out now that XRP isn't really needed and there are better alternatives. Those deep holders of XRP will need to dump it and take what they can get. I'm thinking that will start happening pretty soon?
Bình luận: This guy explain it perfectly. Why I'm not touching Ripple with a 10 foot pole: https://youtu.be/yM8eFTfSuIc
Bình luận: XRP is a trader's game and those that hold billions are trying to lure/sucker you into buying, so they can dump. Period. Put yourself in their shoes, if Ripple goes back under a penny, they won't be billionaires anymore. They need to sucker the herd in with manipulated moves up, so they can dump their supply.
Bình luận: I can see nerves were touched by my analysis with common sense. IBM is using Steller Lumen:
IBM and Stellar Are Launching Blockchain Banking Across Multiple Countries

Wake up peeps, this is the other side of what's going on.
Bình luận: BTC just made a big move up, but XRP didn't If BTC gains and XRP doesn't...keep close watch.
Bình luận: See this is just the beginning...RIP Ripple XRP.

Pax Crypto: Russia Proposes First Multinational Cryptocurrency, Expert Blog

Bình luận: Will repeat this again, since people think I'm providing misinormation (not sure why they'd even come to MY post to let me know but not like I don't know the HODL side (I was once there).

Repeat of my comment response below:
"...and no one can still explain how Ripple will make money or enough money to justify it's market cap with 100B units (close to $200B dollars at current prices)?? No misinformation being spread, just logic. I was a Ripple fan, until I looked ahead a little. It won't be needed, trials are far different than getting the market to actually use it enough to bring value to XRP. Right now the only value is manipulated supply/demand and also being a trader's dream. Don't be fooled, there's people with billions of XRP trying to unload on the market before it tanks."
Bình luận: So, what are Ripple's actual revenues, projected revenues/profit and how does it relate to the value of XRP, aside from speculation? Just like with Bitcoin, there are a few individuals that will be the richest in the world, by promoting it to the moon and selling to the herd. That's the end goal of Bitcoin promotion (for those individuals), although at least Bitcoin has more support as a 'store of value' at least until...(something that can kill Bitcoin)...shows up.
Bình luận: This massive drop is proving my point right. THERE IS NO WAY BANKS WILL DEAL WITH A CRYPTO THAT FLUCTUATES LIKE THIS. They will want stability, so a pegged crypto will be the only way (which will have limited fluctuation over long periods, not 10-20% a day).
Bình luận: I feel a little justified as this article basically backs my view:

World’s Fourth Largest Bank MUFG To Launch Own Cryptocurrency In 2018

"MUFG stated the company will process all the transactions from its cryptocurrency’s network, claiming that such an approach will help improve the stability of the coin.

The bank also plans to peg one MUFG coin to one Japanese yen in order to maintain people’s confidence in the new cryptocurrency."
...”no one can still explain how Ripple will make money or enough money to justify it's market cap...”
Same was said for Yahoo, Amazon, Face Book and others. Technology is a wild game. Some will make it big, others will merge and others will die. It’s early in this game.
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"Ripple makes money by selling their proprietary software (not all code is open source), licensing software, integrating software, technical support, partnerships with technology integrators, and (they hope) through the appreciation of XRP. They are a software and technology company that makes financial software and not a financial company. However, their asset, XRP, is required to submit transactions to the Ripple network and for security purposes, as such, they also sell XRP to financial institutions" (credits Christopher Bartley).

There you go ..
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Miykael svennnny
@svennnny, wow thanks, that justifies a $200B marketcap ;)
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1) Big companies like American Express transfers trillions of dollars a day around the world. In the case XRP would get a "bridge currency" its value must be trillions, so 100, 200, 300 $.

2) No bank would use hashgraph. The transfer would be not exactly addressed then. Tangle (IOTA) does not fit for this purpose either, namely for specific, exactly targeted transfers.

So still HODL. :-)
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This is so wrong. Clearly didnt take the time to look at the XRP usecase. In stead of taking 10 minutes to repeat FUD, please educate yourself. SMH
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No TA whatsoever involved in this.
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Miykael ruif3rro
@ruif3rro, Ripple has no real fundamentals (only hype) which is more important in the long run. Use TA and trade away, XRP will be great for that.
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I think the XRP conspiracy theories can be officially put to rest now that MoneyGram, a NASDAQ-listed company that did $1.63 billion in revenue in 2016, vetted Ripple and adopted XRP. Not saying those guys are immune to scams. Just saying that it's highly unlikely that what you're suggesting is in any way true, given this partnership announcement and the enormous amount of due diligence that went into it.
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Miykael dlchira
@dlchira, Ripple is currently worth over $200B when you take into account the total supply. Compare this with real companies, this is absurd. See the YouTube video (link in Ideas above) from someone in the financial world, he explains it well.
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dlchira Miykael
@Miykael, do you really believe some YouTuber has cracked the case of Ripple being a scam, but MoneyGram's EXTREME due diligence didn't? They literally have a cadre of analysts who are paid to vet partnerships, and a list of C-series executives who then have to approve those partnerships. But a YouTube conspiracy theorists gets it, and those paid professionals don't? C'mon man...
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