Ripple is heading down to 0.42 Cent

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
The market is extremely bearish! Stock is nearing to oversold area and the volume is not enough to breakout. Prepare for low prices. Ripple is heading down to 0.42 Cent !!!
Bình luận: Bears have started to prep their feast for dinner out of the bulls they trapped by the fake breakout! The bull flag of the fake breakout has converted to a huge scary bear flag.
Bình luận: Action has started. Exercise extreme caution guys...
Thank you for updating
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you're wrong....
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I believe it is going to .226

Currently that is still in play... until I see the Lower Bollinger Band go above that point.
The lower Bollinger band is sitting at NEGATIVE .02191

This is on the 3 day chart.
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Benzugo PRO WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, I agree. Ripple has consolidated more than anticipated for further dropping after the fake breakout that bears played out to trapped the bulls. Ripple has now full potential to fall even further and hit .21191. Happy trading...
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Benzugo PRO WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Ripple may hit .18929
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@Benzugo, I agree with you totally. I just know that when it falls, it will be a sharp falling knife!
For which afterwards, will quickly pull back up like a slingshot and act like it had never happened...

Only those watching will have seen it... as the charts are known to skew what happened. I have seen it where it says the low was one thing and I saw different as it happened.

I want to be certain I have captured my buy without mistake.
According to my charts, we have until February 12th to know for sure which way this is going.

Looking at the 12 hr. chart... omg it looks NASTY!

The Wiz
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Benzugo PRO WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Watch out 0.61224! Everything can happen like a lightning strike when broken.
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@Benzugo, Please explain further?
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Benzugo PRO WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, I believe 0.61224 is the last support point where stops may be located at and will be automaticlly triggered to sell. This will cause , as you described, a sharp falling knife and will quickly pull back up like a slingshot and act like it had never happened...
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@Benzugo, RIGHT!
100% AGREED! Thank you for responding.
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