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You missed the train waiting for the next one

At Jul 22
before you join TV
Xrp touch first and strong support line as we see bounced now, it`s good movement, but real fly start after xrp passed $0.35 and close above it,i will say yes and enter my targets will be $0.45 $0.62 $0.84 $1.14

At Nov 28
before you decided to take a look at your chart.
Comment: trade still active since Oct 28
expect movement in next 15 days from now
targets still $0.39 $0.5
for long
$0.75 $1
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

At Dec 12
i think today is the last day at our 15 days :) XRP say hello
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

At Dec 13
when you start to publish your chart we gained profit before that
Trade closed: target reached: Gained the first target with 115%

before i start talking about analysis, i want to tell you something, how your feeling when you work hard all month To get a bonus, then another guy come and get a bonus, if that happens with you once, you will say, i will work harder next time, but when this still happen and happen and happen, You will feel bored and sad. and that is a life, don't give you everything you want, many peoples have luck you don`t have it, maybe you better than them, but you don't have this luck, To be this lucky man, this is alife, Do not give you everything you want, and you should accept it.
about analysis.
XRP lovers should be happy with this profit but what about who missed the train, they should be sad?! sure not you should be ready for next train.
be sure after all green movement, red and correction come, so what correction point for xrp? first one is $0.64289949 and sec point at $0.41/$0.42,be sure you are ready this time.
capital management is recommended
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.

Previous analysis

Bình luận: XRP still confused play on weak support area between $0.70$0.61 current candles show wicks, if pass $0.82 and close daily buy direct didn`t wait until we confirm buy signal
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Bình luận: active reloaded at $0.80 target $1.20
Sl= $0.60
capital management is recommended
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: active reloaded at $0.80 target $1.20
Sl= $0.60
capital management is recommended
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay

Ý tưởng liên quan

I am thankfull that you share this ideas. Thanks!
Phản hồi
Thanks for the analysis Hamada!!! Always doing such a great job.
+1 Phản hồi
u are welcome @ANIX, thanks for kind words
Phản hồi
I bought XRP on the 15th Dec at above 0.8 , is it better for me to do a sell off immediately before I suffer more loss from the huge correction? thanks
+1 Phản hồi
@lala1598, as long XRP still have more but i hope you follow capital managemnt
Phản hồi
Thanks for helping to guide us Mark, hope everything is well with you. If you ever want to create a paid group, I will be your first member. please don't stop analyzing for us, just start a telegram channel, post your work, and make it a monthly subscription. no pms, just your great advice. Thankyou. $20-$30 a month is a good price.
+1 Phản hồi
u are welcome @cycler, when time come i will open it but be sure alot of people told me that but i don`t like it until now i will think again about it
Phản hồi
cycler HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, i would prefer to pay for your advice than not have it at all. You save me so much time, I can just trust your trades, I have a family, I work three jobs, and I am trying to make money to fix my house. I need to leverage my time well, and that involves using your time, which means you should take a cut of my profits. once I put new money into the markets I will start paying you anyway.
Phản hồi
Nice post, thank you very much for sharing :) Many people think it will go up, but I think it will pull back like you wrote before another ATH. What is the price of XRP that would confirm continuous positive trend?
+1 Phản hồi
@HamadaMark thanks for sharing! So just to be clear, in your opinion you don't think xrp will move soon to new highs, right? I was expecting a move to 1$/1.20$
Thanks again
Phản hồi
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