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XVC; the Gift of Patience

Hi my beloved friends.
for a long time I had no analysis for I thought that maybe I should learn more before posting some analysis.
But lately a friend of mine asks me for a update for XVC and I really just post it for him/her.
this XVC as you may noticed suffered a lot in a downtrend and range market but if you look at the volume , for months we just see huge buy volumes but almost no price action.
It just tell me that maybe a whale just buy it and by putting a sell wall doesn't let the price to go up.
Bad news is in Poloniex deposits for this coin has been temporary(read it for a long time for a good reason) disabled and let this whale to buy more even in lower price(just compare the price with Bittrex market)
but clearly it will go up just the matter of time.
I think it would explode in near future, but don't give up on it.
Thanks to my teacher Alireza.
we ask god to reconcile and repay.

Bình luận: I meant withdraw.
i like it .....
i will be looking for more like this from u ...
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ImpureRickSanchez A-CommonTrader
@sktoton99, I appreciate that.
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