Vcash (XVC) Money Maker Bottomed Out (400%+ Potential)

BITTREX:XVCBTC   Vcash / Bitcoin
***Idea went private, I thought it was going to become public automatically but I just learned that I had to publish again, so here it is***

I used to trade this little coin, XVC, not long ago, and I remember losing my money for not having the patience that I am trying to teach you to have today.

This coin is at the bottom, and all the usual suspects are giving us great bullish signals.
As usual, props to my fellow TradingViewers for the head's up on the chat.
I am trading on Bittrex. Polo has lower prices.

Buy-in: 6000 - 6500 satoshis

Stop-loss: 5540 satohis

Targets (Mangeta):
(1) 09000
(2) 11500
(3) 17700
(4) 24500

I am using two charts, for fun, learning and comparison.
The 1H candle chart.
The 1D candle chart.

- MACD , RSI & STOCH , All showing bullish signals. (I know this is getting old, but that is how you choose profitable trades).
- TD             0.04% Sequential so that I can track my plays move by move. Showing positive signs.

This is a very SAFE trade.
Buy in range, sell at target. PERIOD!

Remember, sometimes, you might not feel so sure about the next step.
Sometimes we have doubts, about what to do next.
When it comes to trading, there is no need to lose control.
The only action you have to take, is sit back, relax and HOLD.

So please come and join me in this trade.
Once you see the huge potential earning, you will want to do it again.

So now that we are all set, with the explanation for this TRADE.
I want to remember you something, that is, THAT YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Giao dịch bắt đầu: XVC is sitting at the bottom. Great opportunity to buy for a potential 100% in a matter of days.

If we break 7000 and close above it on the DAILY chart, fireworks will happen, chart movement wise.

Giao dịch bắt đầu: 2H Chart of my earlier analysis happening as expected:

Bình luận: Keep the same stop loss but make sure to activate it.
Bình luận: Possible breakout. Buy now, we are near the bottom.

Bình luận: XVC is expected to make its move in the next 1-2 days.
Aim for a quick double (100%).

Here is my friends chart:
Bình luận: I set up my target for around 13000, why? Because I am more than happy with a double right now.

You can always wait and see, sell only a portion, sell higher, sell lower, use the targets above... It is your choice, but it is already taking off.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: We've been having movement lately, make sure to open your position on time, so that you can take advantage of this opportunity.
Bình luận: Chart analysis for XVC:

- 1h chart just had a huge green candle. A close above resistance will confirm new uptrend movement.

- All indicators are bullish (MACD, RSI and STOCH).

- Healthy TD count and candle stick formation.

* Still within buyin zone.

Aim for at least 60% profit in the next 24-48 hours.
Up to 100%+ or more can be easily gained.

1H chart:

Daily chart:
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Prepare yourself, Vcash is looking bullish on the daily chart:

Bình luận: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the prices drops.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
Bình luận: This one is in positive waters but it is taking longer than expected.
So we wait.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Vcash (XVC) Targets (Mangeta):

(1) 09000 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 11500 *** Next target ***
(3) 17700
(4) 24500
Bình luận: We are positive on the weekly and the daily. We just need a little bit more momentum.

Here is the daily chart:
Bình luận: This trade is doing good. More waiting is needed. I checked the charts just now and it only needs to build up more. No rush here, I can wait. Take your time Vcash, I will be here to collect once we reach our targets.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Update chart (1D):

Giao dịch bắt đầu: Vcash (XVC) Targets:

(1) 09000 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 11500 *** TARGET REACHED on 9-Jan-18 ***
(3) 17700 *** Next target ***
(4) 24500
Bình luận: Here is the updated daily chart:


The weekly chart is also good, it is showing "plenty of room for growth".
Bình luận: I read that the Antminer S3 will now be able to mine Siacoin as well as Vcash.

If these news are true this can be a good development for this coin. The price can increase nicely.

Hold patiently. :) - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
Siacoin Asic miners will june
1 asic = 100 gpu
Phản hồi
ChavezEsquire PRO, please correct me if I am wrong but isn't the new Bitmain A3 a Saicoin miner? Ships this month.
+1 Phản hồi ChavezEsquire
@ChavezEsquire, Siacoin and Decred uses a 32-bit Blake256 algorithm (will realized on the Obelisk miner), which is faster than the Blake2b algorithm (Bitmain A3 miner)
Phản hồi
ChavezEsquire PRO, Many thanks for your information, it is greatly appreciated.
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Tks bro
Phản hồi
I respect you, Alan. As always, I trust you 100%
+1 Phản hồi
How do I become a private member ?
Phản hồi
@ogoz23, go to his website bud.
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ogoz23 jammy1971
@jammy1971, what’s his web site I don’t see a link
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