Will VERGE (XVG) Make That LAST SPIKE and Let Us Earn 15 %?

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Dear Friends! :)

So there has been some pretty bad FA-News about Verge lately, but will it affect the price now or will we be able to make 15 % on this trade?

We are looking at the 4h XVGBTC Chart! It's pretty easy to recognize what's going on, and what might happen soon OR Not! We have been in this uptrend channel for a long time. And suddenly after some time we see a spike, and then another one!

Will it happen a last time?

We are in an ascending triangle , which is a bullish pattern . A bullish MACD-cross is about to happen, and if we look at the RSI we can see some similarities from earlier.

But we have a lot of resistance above the triangle, which might give us some problems. This is not an easy one!

Let's see, what's gonna happen!

D4 Loves You <4

As always. Thanks for your love and support, guys :)
Apr 14
Bình luận: Look how similar it is. Only the bad news lately can ruin this trade as I see it!

Apr 14
Bình luận: I think all the bad news and rumors about Verge and Binance yesterday and today, might have scared people.

TRON and Verge tends to do whose crazy spikes from time to time. Lucky for us, we didn't get any confirmation to buy into this.

Honestly I'm not a fan of Verge, but you can sometimes make money on it, BUT I would personally not HODL for LONG TERM investment.

We just had an opportunity to make a last pump, and then sell!

Bye bye, Verge!
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XVG will pump, news will be eye opening for sure; being integrated into the payment system of a well known global corporation
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Yes sadly it was unable to break the 1200 sats mark. I believe this coin has a good future and application but it's team are not on par with international marketing. They would do well to pay someone with the skills to do it properly and combat the FUD. Knowing what and when to say things is so vital and also when not to say them.
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Ledger integration complete BS. Important seeing as Sunerok says that's the reasons they moved donation funds to Binance - to pay Ledger. VP at Ledger says they have no plans of an integration.

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Wait you are saying , DO NOT BUY?. Given previous experience, i will buy. lets discuss after 17th. thanks
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mikac gyphorz
@gyphorz, I agree with you. This coin will definitely pump at least one more time before 17th.
There is no FUD, just BTC dump harm this trade like @Aromur say.
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Aromur mikac
@mikac, There is FUD, check @megalo99 ´s answer.
+1 Phản hồi
gyphorz mikac
@mikac, so as a rule of thumb, whatever these top ranked TA do - go opposite. boom .5 btc in 3 days. bags unloaded.
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averyt1234 gyphorz
@gyphorz, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Verge will be bitconnect 2.0 very soon
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