Verge Support and resistance levels

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Good evening fellow verge holders. I have drawn multiple support and resistance levels for you to keep watch on. As of now Rsi and bounced of the 30% and we have seemed to fine a stable support at the .5 fib level. Pay attention to each of the Gann fan angles for these will be key spots. Overall im not sure what else to say at this point. I am neither bearish or bullish . Will be updating regurarily througout the night. Share your thoughts and comments please
Bình luận: Edit: For support 2, it is where the top of the green arrow ends. Dont know how the other balloon got in the way lol.

The support levels and restance balloons are not there to predict where in the time the price will be but just pointing out levels.

Thank you
Bình luận: 10:39 Cst

Bounced of the 3/1 arc and seems to be heading down back down the .5 fib line
Bình luận: yawwnnn.. soo boring.
Bình luận: hit 3x1 angle. and seems to be going back down for now
Bình luận: 3/1**
Bình luận: welcome back. Man i slept good. We have clearly bounced of resistance 3.
The spike that we had we touch res 3 and trying to build support and res 2.
Bình luận: we have broken our main resistance line.we might have a retest again at 1027 or back up to 1250
Thoughts to those out there who are great at TA? Looking for some help and guidance on this one. Please be as specific as possible.
appreciate you guys
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srankoin CryptoBling99
@CryptoBling99, I would look at youtube. there are lots of wonderful tutorials. Adam Khoo is personally one of my favorites :). Cool dude and gets to the point
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@srankoin, I meant specifically for this xvg call man. I've begun trying to learn more. But in this instance I won't be a pro in the next few hours.
do people agree with this chart? thoughts? can someone expand a bit more maybe
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srankoin CryptoBling99
@CryptoBling99, Youtube fibonacci levels and give it 3 mins. You will thank me later :)
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srankoin srankoin
@srankoin, probably the most simplest but most important tool in trading.
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@srankoin, i appreciate you trying to help.
what im looking for is a real time look at whats happening right now with xvg and commenting on what youre seeing as it relates to this chart
i'm not lazy, im studying, but its early enough that i could use a little extra help this moment for this particular chart
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srankoin CryptoBling99
@CryptoBling99, Ask me anything here man. Im here to help. You asked in your question if i knew anyone that does good ta and i listed a brilliant instructor. Ask me anything you want man , im here all night haha :)
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@srankoin, I messaged you directly, personal message. Not sure where it shows up on your end, bottom right of screen for me.
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AJKrypt CryptoBling99
@CryptoBling99, wahaha ah aww man. I needed a good laugh after all of tonight’s stress. And reading this whole back and forth was entertaining.
For the record I understood what you meant, but watching you further specify without getting an answer great
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@AJKrypt, lol
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