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Verge To Hit Dream Numbers Just like zclassic / Monero Part 3

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Now look at the Bottom or Significant Low ( Gray time zone )

It is the same metrics as the previous post.

What this deep Spec will tell you is that , NOW is the time to buy a lot of these baby boomers.

Because soon in a near future Verge is going to Hit a 300 dollar number and then you will look back thinking that

I Gave You This Information In Advance.

Let's make it happen.

If you like my specs show it and hit the like button.

I usually keep this private, but this one will generate a lot of money so i shared that intel .
Good luck
$300 may be a stretch..I mean I never expected Bitcoin to be this valuable so can't rule it out in very long term...but maybe $1 this year :D
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@kolhaj, It will not rise to 300USD in one day. it takes a little time, and that is what so exciting. :)
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i hold xvg but really i lost faith
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AddaKonto mesho329
@mesho329, My strategy is that the turtle win the race, i play defence. So im only buying for longterm.
I don't buy the hype. i buy the tech so far so good :)
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you are simply not worth listening to if you think verge will hit $300. sorry.
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AddaKonto Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, dear roggers

i am sorry instead, because

You simply don’t understand that bitcoin never needed our capital to gain in value, becuse it grew by the anonymous sociaty, only when it grew then you roggers start paying attention. Truth is your fucked up mentality is what making you loose money, infact not reconizing a sleeping giant is your problem.
because this is suppos to be on 7 dollars plus already, But becuse of a hoax tweet long term investors droped out, check your facts. Just tonight Verge annonced that they are partnering with fashion , while you talk shit behind a screen. scum
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@AddaKonto, lool I already made 100k off of verge thanks. you clearly dont understand how price works. the market cap would need to be over a trillion for verge to hit that. keep up the good work noob
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AddaKonto Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, And what makes you think that the market cap will not hit that amount ? It's not like the world died just because you cashed out.
Seriously Man you should close your mouth before i really insult you.
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essentially what it come's down to, is if there are a lot of nodes active and is it anonymous

I can only answer the second one with a YES
the first one is building up as im posting this.

Now if you are not convinced yet, then maby this will.

The reason Some Coins are extreeme bullish is that they all have one thing in common.

They are used to buy and sell stuff on the blackmarket. There is no longer answer to that. ( and it's scary i know )

But it is also very real.. Deals are being made right now as im writing this.

There for This is a SOLID COIN. I personally don't like or are in any way assosiated with that place.

But i know enough to give you a clear picture on what is really bullish!

Happy trading
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AddaKonto AddaKonto
Check out this guy and litsen to what he is saying.

It will make totally sence.
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