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Verge XVG - Do or Die! - Can It Follow XRP's Heights?

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Unless you've been chained in the basement by your psycho ex-wife or partying with John McAfee on the dark-side-of-the-moon, then I don't need to tell you about the upcoming XVG announcement. I've personally been a long-time proponent of Verge. The developers have been working very hard on this project over the years. Have they jacked up at times? Sure. But I always counter the naysayers with, always remember, "The man in the ring." Crypto and block-chain are just like most serious trail-blazing endeavors, things need to be proven with trial-by-fire. I'm running on a little here because the story of Verge right now really isn't about technical analysis . It's about the reckoning. This is Do-or-Die time for Verge. The community is one of the best in Crypto. The community has MASSIVE trust in the project. The community stepped up to the crowd-funding call. The community came rushing all-in with blind-faith on the announcement for the developers. Well, the announcement is on Tuesday. Verge will be either become one of the most accomplished and adopted cryptos with no end in sight, or it will be crushed like a lipstick stained cigarette butt into a cracked sidewalk and forgotten. So what's my XRP reference about? XRP has a very similar community, but I don't believe it's as strong. Ripple's just over 39 billion coins. Verge is just under 15 billion. Ripple was trading at .20¢ coming into December 2017. Verge is currently treading under .10¢. Ripple's community reacted to the Coinbase news and pushed XRP to damn near $3.50, purely on news of an exchange listing. (XRP is a very strong use case, but it's still developing) If the news coming out about Verge is about an actual and timely global use case, then HOLY SPIT!!! XRP $3.50 / 39 billion vs. possible XVG $XX.00 / 15 billion. I'm all in right now. Will it go bust? Any thing's possible. It all comes down to trust. If the developers deliver, this community will do anything they ask from here on. And, I mean anything! I think it's about the best sure thing we've had in a while. And, I really like sure things...

Let's Get Some!
The one glaring difference you've (conveniently?) omitted is that Ripple has NEVER been hacked. I know it's a small thing, but, ya know...seems worth mentioning.
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Get_Some obsidianram
@obsidianram, Hey there. I appreciate your comment and thoughts. I refer back to my statement from above, "Trial by Fire." Ripple is centralized, cocooned if you will. Verge is open-sourced. HUGE difference. Big rewards have big risks. Nothing is perfect, even going to the moon. Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia...
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obsidianram Get_Some
@Get_Some, While this may be true (and don't get me wrong, Verge is an interesting concept asset), they're getting out ahead of their skis. Any respectable development plan (especially one that's going to involve investor funding) places security concerns at the very top; if any aspect can be compromised, everything else is for naught. Expansion can't happen until the Swiss Cheese code is tightened up and armored in depth. It's hard to have faith in this development team - the concept is another matter.
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0.10 And going, this is going to be huge.
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please please please please please let this happen! :D
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