Double Embedded Cup'n'Handle FRACTAL is repeating! YOYO imminent

This chart is showing us a fractal!

Double embedded Cup'n'Handle that shot YOYO up 280% in less than 2 days in the beggining of DEC.2017 is about to return in a fractal form of itself.

We can spot the handle is almost finished on the LARGE embedding Cup. Will it shoot UP in the same manner as before?

We saw a growth to a DOUBLE of both cups' depths combined.. a Whamming 280% RISE.. Is this the JACKPOT feature of double embedded Cup'nHandle ?

Relatively talking the cups didn't have that much time to form but this chart is showing some very particular traits.

YOYO is very SPIKEY! It shoots up and comes back again. it has moments of 'out of the blue' 20+% jump in price. A Sudden vertical growth and retrace to almost same previous level is not uncommon.. Why is that?

Telling the targets here has been the trickiest part for me.. anywhere between 6.900 and 11.500 seems realistic. The latter in case of repeated 280% RISE..

Timing will be essential because of this feature, and if this really happens, I know where I will be the next days.. In front of the screen watching the progress.. trying to catch the peaks.. I'm a newbie after all. SO PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK! I WANNA LEARN!

This chart is teaching me a lot. Hope YOYOW will contribute to a FREE SPEECH revolution in China. Very risky project in that sense..
Former BitShares Crew members working on this gives me confidence.
Chinese SteemIt to be.. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL!

so we must wait for the 3rd wave, right?
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