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YYW/Dollar // Bitfinex // Action Plan

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YYW may be breaking a descending trend in a few hours and if it does, it will probably reach for a bigger trending channel top.

If it fails to break the smaller channel, it will probably go towards that bottom.

This is a very recent asset on Bitfinex, there isn't much to analyse yet, but I believe this is a very promising currency and its movements are very similar to other currencies like XRP and IOTA.

I marked 6 target points and will plan my entries based upon the movements of the candles.

Note: YYW is very close to cross the Bollinger Band and that usually means a sign for a long position, if I notice buyers or sellers volume on smaller time graphics I will comment my position!
Bình luận: Nota em portugues:

YYW parece estar acumulando e se mantendo acima da media de bollinger.. nas ultimas pra ca vem em movimento de alta e se furar esse canal menor que vem se formando nas ultimas horas provavelmente vai buscar o topo de um canal de queda que vem desde o topo historico em quase 0,80 centavos. A moeda ja buscava furar esse canal quando despencou junto do Bitcoin depois da correcao. Acredito que ela esteja caminhando para furar o canal novamente, mas para confirmar preciso esperar e acompanhar o volume de compradores do mercado e acompanhar as proximas velas!
Bình luận: Decided to make a new chart for a cleaner view of the prices.

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so what next, maestro ... any predictions on this instruments?
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helrabelo alexander.dablewski
@alexander.dablewski, I will be reviewing this asset today and will publish a new chart update. If you would like to see it I can suggest to follow me so you get a notification.

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helrabelo alexander.dablewski
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Thanks ! i hope YOYOW will be big :)
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@gr4p3, kind of worked out! We are now heading for a pump
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Great Work!
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