ZCL will be a good short-mid term long move

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
I believe ZCL             0.27% will be a good short-mid term long move with the upcoming fork. The marketcaps of the other BTC             4.49% forks are in the billions where ZCL             0.27% is still at 520, which in my opinion still has time for growth to atleast double. There is no confirmed date on the fork yet but the additional tokens, would be a great addition to your bag in both ways!

Details below from the ZCL             0.27% reddit

What is Bitcoin             4.49% private? Bitcoin             4.49% private is a hard fork of BTC             4.49% and ZCL             0.27% . BTCP will have the same privacy technology as ZCL             0.27% (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.
Who is running the project? Rhett is the lead developer. Overall, our contribution team is huge. This is a truly community driven project and we are all invested in making this fork happen and BTCP the future.
When is the hard fork date? The exact date of the hard fork has not been announced yet.
How will BTCP be distributed? If you have 1 ZCL             0.27% , you keep 1 ZCL             0.27% and get 1 BTCP, if you have 1 BTC             4.49% , you keep your BTC             4.49% and get 1 BTCP
What is going to happen to ZCL             0.27% after the hard fork? It will still exist, though we are unsure how its development will continue as of right now.
Is there a premine or a founder's reward? No to premine. We asked the community about a small founder's reward and the support was not overwhelming.
What exchanges will support the fork? We are actively working with exchanges on support of the BTCP fork.
Where can I store my ZCL             0.27% to ensure I get my BTCP? We have recently released a new wallet which you can find here. We recognize this wallet may not work for everyone still and are working on multiple other platforms to be released before the fork.
How do I mine ZCL? Here is a guide for mining ZCL             0.27% on miningpoolhub
How do I get involved in the fork? Please reach out to us here on reddit or other social media platforms. Also, see the issues posted on github that we need resolved for BTCP. There are a few bounties for them too.
Where can I buy ZCL             0.27% right now? Bittrex, Cryptopia, and Coinexchange. io             8.82%
How do I claim my BTCP from ZCL? More information on this is forthcoming. Please be patient.
How many BTCP will there be after the fork? There are 3 million ZCL             0.27% and 16.7 million BTC             4.49% , so there will be 19.7 million BTCP after the fork.

I have a holding position in ZCL             0.27% and I am long with a target of .014 BTC             4.49%
Bình luận: Target is exceeding expectations! Sold at 0.0154 - re entry on the dip if interested in collecting on the BTCP fork.
Fork date TBA - I will update this here , the team has 2 more issues to solve. Whoever is invested let’s hope for the break out this weekend.
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