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ZCL up trend, Cup and Handle ahead?

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
ZCL FOMO bring big uptren

a cup and handle pattern a head

FA :
it have vast room to go up because as like all other BTC hardfork always have huge market cap
big announcement on BTCP ,which is revive the ZCL project
this FOMO tren is basically because of the good side of ZClassic and team collide with good side of our coin king BTC

it will continue to sky rocketing until next announcement of when HF taking place
Didn't quite work out that way but we seem to have broken the down turn.
+1 Phản hồi
ZCL = 1000 US by next week
+3 Phản hồi
@PattyMcPat, media will carry zcl to the moon

Yeah January sure is zcl month :)
Phản hồi
PattyMcPat AndreChristianto
@AndreChristianto, It's annoying to get in now though, correction can happen any minute. But without a doubt, this is heading to 1000 dollars. NXT, a shitcoin got 1 billion market cap for a shitty ignis airdrop. This is not NXT, this is ZSNARK technology coupled with BTC, this is the real deal pump and dump.
+2 Phản hồi
Spaceballs PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, When to dump?
Phản hồi
PattyMcPat Spaceballs
@Spaceballs, Ride the wave and enjoy. You got till january
Phản hồi
PattyMcPat PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, mid january to be precise. This won't be like NXT where it will dump earlier before the airdrop. People are getting into this, to actually get the Bitcoin Private coins
Phản hồi
PattyMcPat PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, Only downside to this shit is if the dev team fails to deliver the fork, which is highly unlikely at this stage
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