ZCL/BTC Follow Up Predictions

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
As i have been learning more i went back to look on previous TA's i have done and found a couple areas id like to improve on, i tried to fix any issues i saw in my previous attempts. One being my ZCL/BTC prediction. Although my targets were not too far off i wanted to make it a cleaner chart and do a bit more analysis on previous patterns within the chart and to kind of show my work on how i got to my predictions. Here is what i came up with.

If there is anything you would like to point out that could help me improve my TA id appreciate it.

**Targets only for prices not dates, i am more interested in getting the proper price targets first before i start trying to nail certain dates and what not**


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Nicely done. My only add would be - have you considered the air drop of btcp slated for 2/28? That should have some impact, right?
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nickd534 Joelman
@Joelman, No i didnt take that into account... its a good point but im not sure if anyone can really guess how much its going to affect the price this is more just for me to gauge how far off i was from certain targets and to see if im getting better at technical analysis. The time frames in my charts are not accurate i don't take that into account i'm more worried about getting the proper target ranges for the waves. I shouldve added that to the description sorry haha, Thanks for the comment!
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I think you should include the other important factor, which is post-snapshot dump and exchange support announcement. Both of them will increase/decrease the price significantly.
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