Zcash About To Explode

BITFINEX:ZECUSD   Zcash / Dollar
We see a great opportunity again to buy the ZEC dip.

For those following ZECUSD             with me, our last dip buy was 200 USD, now we can buy again low.

The price bounces from the support and demand zone , fib confirms price reversal and supports upward movement. We have a good buy opportunity.

Zcash offers zero certificate of knowledge (zk-SNARKS) and was the first project to integrate this feature. They have an improved trusted setup, where everyone can participate, ongoing page for a few weeks.

There are really cool ideas and suggestions. In September 2018, they plan to start the "Sapling" upgrade. Assumed to reduce RAM consumption for zero knowlodge proof transactions from> 3GB to 40MB

Remember, the key things is BUY LOW - SELL HIGH
I am being lazzy here, what is your suggested entry, I will put a stop below 2%.
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