Delta-RSI Strategy (with filters)

Delta-RSI Strategy (with filters):
This is a version of the Delta-RSI Oscillator strategy with several criteria available to filter entry and exit signals. This script is also suitable for backtesting over a user-defined period and offers several risk management options (take profit and stop loss).

Since the publication of the Delta-RSI Oscillator script, I have been asked many times to make it compatible with the Strategy Tester and add filtering criteria to minimize "false" signals. This version covers many of these requests. Feel free to insert your favorite D-RSI parameters and play around!

Delta-RSI represents a smoothed time derivative of the RSI designed as a momentum indicator (see links below):

Polynomial Order: The order of local polynomial used to interpolate the relative strength index ( RSI ).
Length: The length of the lookback frame where local regression is applied.
RSI Length: The timeframe of RSI used as input.
Signal Length: The signal line is a EMA of the D-RSI time series. This input parameter defines the EMA length.

The strategy can include long entries, short entries or both.

  • Zero-crossing: bullish trade signal triggered when D-RSI crosses zero from negative to positive values ( bearish otherwise)
  • Signal Line Crossing: bullish trade signal triggered when D-RSI crosses from below to above the signal line ( bearish otherwise)
  • Direction Change: bullish trade signal triggered when D-RSI was negative and starts ascending ( bearish otherwise)

The filters (described below) can be applied to long entry, short entry and exit signals.

When activated, the D-RSI-driven entries and exits will be triggered only if the current volume is greater than N times the average over the last M bars.

When activated, the D-RSI-driven entries and exits will be triggered only if the N-period average true range , ATR, is greater than the M-period ATR. If N < M, this condition implies increasing volatility .

When activated, the D-RSI-driven entries and exits will be triggered only if the value of 14-period RSI is in the range between N and M.

Fixed and trailing stop loss as well as take profit options are available.

If the checkboxes are not checked, the strategy will backtest all available price bars.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Fixed a typo in the input window (RSI filter string).
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Thank you so very much for your incredible hard work! Super!
500 xu
+1 Phản hồi
tbiktag Ether2020
@Ether2020, thanks a lot!
Phản hồi
100 xu
+1 Phản hồi
tbiktag Sushil2109
@Sushil2109, thank you, mate!
Phản hồi
Nice work.thx
+1 Phản hồi
tbiktag pricechart1336
@pricechart1336, you are welcome!
Phản hồi
I didn't realize you updated this. This is awesome! I had my best results when I modified the previous version to include a volatility filter (when volatility is low refer to the slope of a long moving average).
basically when: sma(((1 - (low / high)) * 100) , 10) < 2.4 , refer to the long moving average slope. That method seems to work a little better than ATR from my experience.
Phản hồi
I'm loving this update. Really great work. This should be the benchmark of strategies.
Phản hồi
@tbiktag , Привет!! Классно работаешь! Ты сам торгуешь?? Помоги, пожулуйста настроить на фьючерс на РТС. RIM1
Никак не могу нормально настроить.
Возможно волатитильный слишком инструмент. Не могу понять.
Phản hồi
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