Highest High and Lowest Low Channel Strategy

Highest / Highest High Highest (Data) - HHV (Data, Period)
Lowest / Lowest Low Lowest (Data) LLV (Data, Period)

These functions calculate the highest / lowest value of a selected data.
Highest High and Lowest Low options are mostly used.
The Highest function calculates the highest value of the selected data in the past.
The Lowest function calculates the lowest value of the selected data in the past.

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Bình luận

Can this stratergy used for Intraday trading?
+5 Phản hồi
ceyhun Selvanagarajan
@Selvanagarajan, of course length 5-10-20 ....
Phản hồi
please can you add offset to this script, i've set length to 50, I need offset function too, for better price crossing accuracy.
Phản hồi
HandM8491 denn112
@denn112, bro what does offset do... I sincerely wanna know. I am new, kind of learning right now. thank you. and did you able to get it?
Phản hồi
What if I want to FIX the timeframe? Say I want highest high of Daily only and use it on a smaller timeframe?
Phản hồi
Turtles strategy in the work )
Phản hồi
did this strategy work for any of you? the price seems to be moved far away from the Heikin Ashi price. This strategy made me take a big hit last week.

If anyone overcome on this issue, please let me know what's the work around.
Phản hồi
Hi Ceyhun
When you say great for intraday trading and you say setting 5-10-20, there's now were t change in the setting,sorry fairly new to TV, old MT4 guy.
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