GA - Money Flow

GA - Money Flow shows the Increase and Decrease in Selling Pressure and Buying Pressure.

It shows the Dominance of Supply Pressure and Supporting Demand. This occurs according to the intentions of large investors.

GA - Money Flow allows you to select one of 3 curves:

The tool provides a custom curve: GA - Money Flow Curve. It balances the strength and the weakness of the other Money Flow curves.

Buying and Selling Pressure

The GA - Money Flow is an oscillator centered on Zero. Then, the Money Flow Curve is negative when the Selling Pressure is prevailing. In the same way, It is positive when the Buying Pressure is prevailing.

The continuous decline or advance of the curve is the decrease or increase in Supply Demand. This can be almost linear so as it can occur by weaker waves.

The most important thing is the persistence of the Money Flow in the Positive or Negative Area. Showing Buying Pressure, the Dominance of Supporting Demand can persist. So as, showing Selling Pressure, the Dominance of Supply Pressure can persist. Even if there are little changes crossing zero.

Dominance shows large investors behavior. Then, it shows what kind of investment you can do, following how the large investors act.

Decrease and Change of Dominance in the Reaction Wave

In a Reaction Wave, the Money Flow can show a decrease in Selling Pressure in a bearish trend . In the same way, it can show a decrease in Buying Pressure in a bullish trend . This is slow enough to understand if the Selling or Buying Pressure is still persisting or not.

The Reaction Wave is opposite to the trend and it can develop a trading area thrust by thrust.

A thrust is a tentative of the Supporting Demand or Supply Pressure to advance or decline the price. Supply and Demand fail in their action. The Thrust is the result. But they are also a change in the balancing between Selling Pressure and Buying Pressure.

In the bearish trend , a reaction wave can mark several Upthrusts. This can show also a relative decrease in Selling Pressure.

In the same way, a reaction wave in a bullish trend can mark several Secondary Tests. This can have also a relative decrease in the Buying Pressure.

The reason is that the Supporting Demand is in opposition to the bearish trend . This decreases the persistent Dominance of the Selling Pressure.

So as the Supply Pressure is in opposition to the bullish trend . This decreases the persistent Dominance of Buying Pressure.

In some cases, the Dominance can become uncertain and later it can have a concrete change.

Neutral Area around Zero and Money Flow Edges

The Change of Dominance occurs by the crossing zero. But the Money Flow can also wave around zero several times, showing uncertainty. This gives a way to define a small Neutral Area with edges above and below zero.

When the Money Flow spends time in the Neutral Area the uncertainty increases the risk of trading.

There are also conventional edges. They derive from the calculation of the Money Flow Curves. The Money Flow Index has 50 has center and its bands are 80 and 20. In this tool, the Money Flow Index is instead shifted to zero for better use. The Chaikin Money Flow has +-0.2 has edges. Instead, the GA - Money Flow does not need edges. But to help the user, It can show +-0.25 has edges.

Strength Bands

According to the Variability of the Money Flow , this tool defines strength bands. As a visual tool, it gives only 1 positive band and 1 negative band. But for mathematical use, they can be more than one. In this case, the intention would be the measure of different degrees of strength.

The Band is a visual limit. It defines a dynamic edge between neutrality and intervention in the decision process. In practice, it can help the trader to decide if there are the right conditions to enter or exit the market.

The Strength Bands can be very restrictive. Indeed, it does not mean that the Money Flow , in front of the band, is very low in Buying or Selling Pressure. But behind the band, it is high enough to persist as long as it can.

Short-Term Divergences

The GA - Money Flow shows how large investors sustain or starve a trend. In the same way, it shows also if the Money Flow sustains or not the short price progression.

In the positive or negative area, the spike of the price can occur with the relative advancing of the Money Flow . But it can also occur with a decrease in the Money Flow . In this circumstance, the Money Flow curve highlight the divergence.

The reason is that a short-term advancing of the price cannot persist if it is not sustained. Indeed, if the price is advancing for a few candles with a decrease in Money Flow , later the price will decline. Even if for one candle only.

Note: I restrict access to the tool.


Girolamo Aloe
Founder of Profiting Me



Full Description

Jul 23
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

Changed Color for Neutral Area Bands
Fixed a bug about Upper and Lower Edges when they are disabled.
Jul 24
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

- The lookback for short-term Divergences is now a constant equal 1
- Removed the lookback setting.
Jul 29
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Now it is possible to Enable and Disable the Neutral Area, around Zero.
  • The Default Smooth is now increased to 3.
Aug 10
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Added the Partial View Setting for Money Flow Overlay Curves.
  • Added the Smooth Setting for Money Flow Overlay Curves.
Aug 12
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Change the Settings Distribution in the Settings Box for a better Visual Impact.
  • Added, the Divider for the Partial Overlay of the Money Flow Curves.
  • Added, the Smooth for the Money Flow Overlay Curves.
Sep 02
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • The Visibility of the Overlay Curves now depends on the relation between GA Money Flow and its Strength Bands.
  • Removed the Upper and Lower Edges.
  • Enabled by Default the Chaikin Money Flow and Money Flow Indicator Overlay Partial Curves.
  • Disabled by Default the Neutral Area.
Sep 13
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Decreased the Default Divider for Visible Overlay Curves from 2.27 to 1.67.
Oct 11
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • The GA Money Flow Curve now is built including also the True Strength Function.
  • Overlay Curves have now their own settings for Partial Visibility and Smooth.
  • Added the True Strength Overlay Curve with its Overlay Signal Curve.
  • True Strength Overlay Curve Smooth is set to 1. Money Flow Overlay Curves Smooth is set to 3.
  • Added the True Strength Histogram.
  • Changed Default Settings.
Oct 11
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Code Partially Cleaned.
Oct 12
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changelog

  • Adjusted Fixed typing mistakes in the Settings Box Strings.
  • Adjusted changed the color for the Money Flow Index Overlay Curve.
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