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MCDX Plus is an indicator to show the relative level of Profitable Chips, Floating Chips and Locked Chips for Stocks market.
Red Bars being Profitable Chips, Yellow Bars being Floating Chips and Green Bars being Locked Chips.

Profitable Chips represents investments, typically by bankers, accumulating shares when stock price is relatively low over a period of time, either during down trend or ranging. When price is moving up, the shares accumulated will start to make profit.
Locked chips being those bought at at a higher price, failed or unwillingly to cut loss and still holding them.
Floating chips being free flow tradable shares in the market, typically hold by intraday or short term traders.

The relative profitable level is calculated based on current market price versus the highest and lowest price over a look back period.
Typically, 100 days look back, which is sufficient to cover uptrend or downtrend.
In this indicator, I added in options for 34 days (Fibo numbe), 50 days, 100 days and user-input DIY look back period.

When Red Bar height is increasing, profitable level is increasing, stocks price is increasing with main funding is increasing.
Typically higher is better. More than 50% is preferred.

During a retrace or downtrend, the locked chips will lead to higher values of green bar.
Typically lower is better, 0 is preferred.

A simulated fund line (based on KDJ) and fund bull bear line are added to simulate the inflow and outflow of fund.
When fund line cross up bull bear line, it means the in flow of funding.
User can click to show in the setting.

A potential bottom catch alert based on volume and oversold situation are also added as reference.

A table with indicator name and values of profitable chips, floating chips and locked chips is added.
User can click to show or mute.

MCDX Plus is shown on DPIH (KLCI).
The Price chart shows the highest, lowest, average of 100day look back period, blue line being MA20.
MCDX's red bar is slightly over 50%, cross over the 10day Moving Average of profitable chips. Locked chips is 0.
We can also see fund cross over fund bull bear line briefly.
It is a positive movement.
User is recommend to do further technical analysis such as support and resistance , etc, to better understand trend.
Ideas to improve the scripts are welcome. Hope this help.

Phát hành các Ghi chú: Per user request, added 10 day average plot for
- float chips (orange color) and
- locked chips (green color, thicker line)
- on top of existing 10 day average line for profitable chips (maroon color, thinnest line)
Feel free to provide input/comments to further improve the scritps for the benefits of users.
Hope this help.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Updated scripts : added oversold, overbought alerts, allow input of lookback period for moving average of profitable chips, floating chips, locked chips respectively. See example of oversold alerts of attached chart.
Ideas are welcome to further improve the accuracy of indicator which will benefit users. Thanks.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Fixed the bugs in the calculation of floating chips bars go beyond 100%. (Thanks thedenimbar for pointing this out). Hope this help.
Ideas/comments to further improve the accuracy of indicators to beneftis users are welcome.
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Hi Kent , Do you have any whatsapp or telegram for we chat ?
have something to learn from u
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Hi Kent, it's me again ... nice to see your new version with ob/os alert. at the same time, i notice a bug on floating line (yellow) indicator where it always stay at constant level i.e 25% for all durations charts. if you have time, appreciate if you may look and update. Thanks Kent.
+1 Phản hồi
@Jazxy, just scanned through many stocks, the values do change accordingly.
Phản hồi
Jazxy Kent_RichProFit_93
@Kent_RichProFit_93, can please look at PAOS and PJBumi.. yea, notice not all stocks are affected. thx
Phản hồi
@Jazxy, the calculation will compute the values accordingly.
Phản hồi
Jazxy Kent_RichProFit_93
@Kent_RichProFit_93, alright .. noted with thnx ..
Phản hồi
Hi Bro,Thx for the awesome indicator..It seems like homily chart and i already verify it.thx again for sharing this
Phản hồi
Thank you so much! Sorry that I have a question, may i know your red, yellow and green bars are slightly different from the normal mcdx?
Is it yours are more accurate than the standard version ones? Because, like some of the standard one, at some period of time they might not have red bar, but yours will still show some red bars.
Hope you don't mind explaning :D Many thanks
Phản hồi
@cheezhiyang, hi, the basic idea is that smart money may accumulate chips at price range that is as low as possible, which may occur during a down trend/ranging over a period of time, which can be a couple of months before the next uptrend. (You can use Chips Master to see the chips accumulation). When stocks price is increasing, the chips accumulated will start to make profit. Red bar basically compare the current price to chip accumulation price. Feel free to use the standard method as mentioned if you find them more applicable. Hope this help.
Phản hồi
cheezhiyang Kent_RichProFit_93
@Kent_RichProFit_93, Hi sorry again to ask about the settings in this MCDX indicator, there are 34 days, 50days and 100 days settings to be chosen. May i know how can i pair these settings with my 5mins, 1hour, 1day and 1 week of trading ? What is your preferral setting? Hope you dont mind sharing more about this. Thank you.
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