Technical Analysis Consulting Table (TACT)

Inspired by Tradingview's own "Technical Analysis Summary", I present to you a table with analogous logic.

You can track any ticker you want, no matter your chart. You can even have multiple tables to track multiple tickers. By default it tracks the Total Crypto Cap.
You can change the resolution you want to track. By default it is the same as the chart.
You can position the table to whichever corner of the chart you want. By default it draws in the bottom right corner.
Background colors and text size can be adjusted.

Indicators Used:

  • RSI(14)
  • STOCH(14, 3, 3)
  • CCI(20)
  • ADX(14)
  • AO
  • Momentum(10)
  • MACD(12, 26)
  • STOCH RSI (3, 3, 14, 14)
  • %R(14)
  • Bull Bear Power
  • UO(7,14,28)

Moving Averages
  • EMA(5)
  • SMA(5)
  • EMA(10)
  • SMA(10)
  • EMA(20)
  • SMA(20)
  • EMA(30)
  • SMA(30)
  • EMA(50)
  • SMA(50)
  • EMA(100)
  • SMA(100)
  • EMA(200)
  • SMA(200)
  • Ichimoku Cloud(9, 26, 52, 26)
  • VMWA(20)
  • HMA(9)

  • Traditional
  • Fibonacci
  • Camarilla
  • Woodie

WARNING: I have observed up to a couple of seconds of signal jitter/delay, so use it with caution in very small resolutions (1s to 1m).

I hope you enjoy this and good luck with your trading. Suggestions and feedback are most welcome.
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Great work, thx alot!
100 xu
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Great script and awesome work. Very useful for technical summary and decision making(buy/sell). Thanks !!
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Brilliant work, Thanks for sharing.

Instead of Neutral, can you Add ONLY Bullish or Bearish percentage with signal ?
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thanks sir :D
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what will be the ticker for NSE NIFTY 50 And NSE BANKNIFTY(Indian Market)?? plz guide
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brilliant job!!
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wowww...... this is nice....
Thanks for sharing
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Thank you , awesome. Do you think possible to set a "Buy" Trading view Alert if Summary BUY > Summary Sell + Neutral ?
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