trend Screener downtrend

this is in continuation with - previous trend screener i have published, In this code only downtrend screener is there ,This is type of custom screener I searched and made to screen bulk stocks any one can modify it, other may get help out of it.
you can change or add new symbol in input section.

in my code i have made defined and printed last close price when downtrend was true.
1. downtrend = ema (close,55)< ema (close,144) and ema (close,144)< ema (close,388) and ema (close,388)<ema(close,576) and close<ema(close,388)

if the indicator is printing DOWNTREND=TRUE or UPTREND=TRUE then the corresponding stock is in currently in that trend out of the stocks listed in the code
in one code only 40 (max) stocks can be called.
to add more stocks I copied same code and changed the stocks in the code, now you can screen 80 stocks at a time.
This code runs on each bar and checks if the stocks is in uptrend or down trend.
you can customize this screener according to your requirement.
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Bình luận

@badshah_e_alam, thanks for this great idea !!

Why is there a restriction to 40/80 positions?

By aim is to develop a screener for stock exchanges (selected by user input) based on the RSL (relative strength index from Levy/available as pine script).
As a result a table with 2 columns (share_name and rsl-value), sorted by rsl value, should be listed.

Tanks for any ideas and tips.
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@Holle164, Thank you for asking, Why is there a restriction to 40/80 positions?
The restriction is because of maximum number of security functions and variable limit exceeds if i use more than 40 symbols.

to coustomize according to your requirement you can make changes in function "screenerFunc() " in the code.
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hello Sir,
this is really a nice attempt . now could you please configure this for NIFTY shares , so that we could easily trade in Nifty futures based on this wonderful trend ananlysis.
NIFTY 50 is an Indian index, comprises of top 50 companies of India.
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@namwal, thanks for asking. You can easily change the symbol in input section of the indicator. you can replace any or all symbol in input settings.
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namwal badshah_e_alam
@badshah_e_alam, thanks for the reply, but the nifty 50 consists of 50 stocks, but in your case, i would only add 40 stocks, so how to do it for 50 stocks, please guide ...
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@namwal, MAKE A copy of this code and use it on two chart layout (rename the copy of the code), then replace the symbol according to your requirement , now you can screen 80 stocks.
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