AltS Swing [Backtester]


This is the backtesting version for this script

In this back tested version I have shown it to be used on regular candles with realistic calculations in regards to positions sizes, slippage, fees and more

Kind Regards

This is a official version of AltSignals Long/Short Reverse Indicator


This indicator uses various indicators in combination with each other, some of the key ones to mention is Hulls, EMA , MA. Along with that it uses EMA crossovers to get the precise entries and exits.
The recommended time frames with this indictor are shorter ones, for example 5m,10m,15m work well, along with that I have found that some of the more unique time frames also work well such as 20m,45m,2hr and so on.
This indicator is not super advanced but it's still very powerful, with only 130 lines of code.
This indicator works on every chart, time, and candle type but you must play with the settings to find what is best, the same setting will not work on every pair etc.
With AltSignals Swing Indicator it trades one way, that means it gives 3 pieces of information. BUY/TakeProfit/StopLoss.
Unlike most indicators which Buy and Sell both ways this one focuses on one direction of trading so please take into account when using this.
I have added in a reverse strategy which basically shows the opposite values of of the buy, so if you select the box in the settings and un-tick it, then it will show opposite directions so sells only.
This feature is very useful especially in general bear markets when buying is difficult.
I have also added in the option for no stop losses to be used, if you set the stop loss value = 100 then it will show no stop losses.
I suggest a stop loss somewhere in the region of 1-2-3%, please note that you can use decimal stop losses too so for example 0.1 or 0.5.
This indicator is NOT a once size fits all, every chart is different, time frame and candles also, so i would suggest spending some time going through and playing with the channel length settings, which will change the EMA numbers.
Using this along with the back script to find the ideal settings is the best way to use this script, once you have done that make sure to save those values somewhere.
Its important to remember that the Regular script and the back testing script values should be the same for them to match up on the chart, so the channel lengths, stop losses and so on values should be the same.

Side note
This is not financial advice.
We will continue making updates as time goes on.
If you would like to try this script for free please visit our website or message us on Tradingview live chat.
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