Trend Follow with 8/34 EMA and Stoch RSI for 1 Hour SPX

The script determines and plots entry points for 1 hour S&P index using 8/34 emas and stochastic RSI . When 8 ema above/below 34 ema up/down crosses of stochastic RSI are considered as long/short entries. Entry prices should be above/below high/low of the signal bars accordingly. Ichimoku cloud can be used as extra filtering.
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I used to check on some stock and index working excellent . Salute to your hard work. Mainly I serch for indian index BANKNIFTY if u suggest some changes or some guidelines for it. Once again i am heartily appreciated to See your awesome work .god bless you for your best future.
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GurselKona Bpovinod26
@Bpovinod26, Thanks. I am happy to hear that it works for you also. I am working for some improvements.
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The following code segments can be added to the end of "//entries", "//plotting" and "//alerts" sections of the original script. They produce some quick profit. Try and if you find it useful keep it.
Best luck!

longadd = macd > macd and macd > macd and islongMACD
shortadd= macd < macd and macd < macd and isshortMACD

plotshape(longadd,title="longadd",location = location.belowbar,style=shape.triangleup,,size = size.tiny,editable = true)
plotshape(shortadd,title="shortadd",location = location.abovebar,style=shape.triangledown,,size = size.tiny,editable = true)

alertcondition(longadd,"longadd","longadd close = {{close}} high = {{high}}")
alertcondition(shortadd,"shortadd","shortadd close = {{close}} low = {{low}}")
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Repaint ?
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GurselKona Mark788
@Mark788, It works real-time. So that the signal on the last bar repaints. After the closing of last bar, no repaint. Alerts must be set as "only once per bar close".
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very nice
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