TDI - Traders Dynamic Index + RSI Divergences + Buy/Sell Signals

Traders Dynamic Index + RSI Divergences + Buy/Sell Signals

Credits to LazyBear (original code author) and JustUncleL (modifications)..

I added some new features:
1- RSI Divergences (Original code from 'Divergence Indicator')
2- Buy/Sell Signals with alerts (Green label 'Buy' - Red label 'Sell')
3- Background colouring when RSI (Green line) crosses above MBL (yellow line)

- Buy and Sell Signals are generated using Dean Malone's method (The Author of the TDI indicator) as mentioned in his PDF: ((https://www.forexfactory.com/attachment.php/686629?attachmentid=686629&d=1303831008)), according to:
** Buy (Green Label) = RSI > 50, Red line, & Yellow line
** Sell (Red Label) = RSI < 50, Red line, & Yellow line

- I found that the best quality long trades generated when RSI crosses above red line, yellow line and they are all above 50, and vice versa for sell trades.
-I figured out another way to generate Buy/Sell Signals when RSI crosses above the yellow line, and you can stay with the trade till RSI crosses under the yellow line (I made a background colouring for that to be easily detected)

Hope you all wonderful trades..

مؤلف المؤشر هو (Dean Malone)
وكتب LazyBear كوده في tradingview
وأضاف JustUncleL بعض التعديلات عليه

أضفت إليه بعض المزايا الأخرى المتمثلة في:
1- رصد انحرافات مؤشر القوة النسبية
2- إشارات بيع وشراء بناء على طريقة مؤلف المؤشر
3- تظليل بالأخضر للمنطقة التي يعبر فيها مؤشر القوة النسبية الخط الأوسط (الخط الأصفر)

إشارات البيع والشراء تكون كالتالي:
** الشراء عندما يكون مؤشر القوة النسبية فوق الخط الأحمر وفوق خط الـ 50 وفوق الخط الأصفر
** البيع عندما يكون مؤشر القوة النسبية تحت الخط الأحمر وتحت خط الـ 50 وتحت الخط الأصفر
** أفضل إشارات الشراء حينما يعبر مؤشر القوة النسبية فوق الخط الأحمر والأصفر، ويكونوا جميعا فوق خط الـ 50، والعكس بالنسبة لإشارات البيع

يمكن استخدام المؤشر في دخول صفقات متوسط المدى، وذلك عندما يعبر مؤشر القوة النسبية فوق الخط الأصفر (قمت بتظليل المنطقة بالأخضر لسهولة رصدها) والخروج من الصفقة إذا نزل مؤشر القوة النسبية عن الخط الأصفر،
يرجى التنبه إلى أن الدخول والخروج يكون بأسباب فنية مدروسة، والمؤشر يدعم قراراتك فقط، ولا يمكن الاعتماد عليه منفردا في تحديد نقاط الدخول أوالخروج.

تجارة موفقة لكم جميعا :)
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repaint :((
+2 Phản hồi
Hey Bro,
thanks - do you think you can create a MACD TDI 1.0 like the one on MTD4/MT5 ? I am really surprised why they do not have this indicator on TradingView.
Just google for PZ MACD TDI and you will find it automatically.
I do also wonder why on TradingView they do not have MACD/BB/RSI underlying. There is so much nonsense, but the popular ones which you can find on MT4/MT5 not.
Cheers and happy trading
+1 Phản hồi
Hi Bro,
I think Tradingview community still needs so much efforts, but unfortunately, I'm no coder, I'm just doing some basic things to help me with my work.
hope you'll find someone else can help you.. wish you all good things.
Phản hồi
Hey bro, Appreciated all your hard work !!
Can I ask, what is the meaning of the red dot above the blue line ?
and what is the green dot below the blue line ?

Is the number of dot affecting the trading decision ?
Phản hồi
ZyadaCharts TrinityCommunity-Casper
Hi, bro, you're welcome !
the dots are representing buy and sell signals according to the conditions written above ..
obviously you won't take every buy / sell signal! it will cause so much pain to your account, but instead, you need to implement this indicator into your strategy and find the best results.
Phản hồi
Will it spot the divergence faster or will there be a lag of 4- 5 candles like the usual divergence indicator
Phản hồi
ZyadaCharts mohammedashik47
"like the usual divergence indicator" .. the same code.
Phản hồi