The last few days I've looked into how the Bitcoin Bot that was doing well last year could be improved. I've introduced a H4 filter - so applying the strategy on 2 timeframes. I did this by editing all the variables in the code into a second version whilst maintaining the original ones in the script. Adding in a symbol period setting to the 240m timeframe - it was quite tricky. But now this bot is twice as powerful and no manual intervention is needed.

You can watch this bot eat up the market on my YouTube Channel Grey FX Empire 24/7... Get ready to see the World's Best Trading Robot that you will EVER see... this works on all timeframes down to M1 and all assets. It even works on ridiculous assets like ADABTC on the M5... which is ridiculous when you think how hard that contract is to trade on a higher timeframe with spreads factored in.

Have a nice trading day,

Best regards,

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can i have the accesses? Thanks.
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May I have access to give it a try? Thx much!
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Could I be granted access? Thank you
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Hi. can i have the accesses? Thanks.
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