DGS: XBTUSD on Bitmex Study 2H

This Study is for trading Bitcoin in Bitmex. It's a trend-based strategy which follows the trend for higher profit and cuts losses as fast as it can. It should be noted that, since this strategy works on 2 Hour candles, it shouldn't be used with high leverages. We recommend leverage 1 or 2.

How to use this strategy:
1- When the strategy line changes color to green, Buy. Recommended price of buying is shown by a small green marker on the chart.
2- When the strategy line changes color to red, Sell. Recommended price of Selling is shown by a small red marker on the chart.
3- When the strategy line changes color to yellow it means change of pattern is possible and be alert.
4- Buy, Sell and Alert signals are shown by B,S and A in the lower and upper part of the chart.

Note: If Price didn't touch the marked position you could enter position on the next candle as bellow:
1- For short condition: (3*high+low)/4 (high and low of the last closed candle)
2- For long condition: (3*low+high)/4 (high and low of the last closed candle)
This study is mostly used with the related strategy. Using the study, different alarms can be set on the signals.
Strategy address:

For more information you can join us on telegram. Channel address:
For getting access to the strategy you can contact /DeltaGroup_Support# on telegram.
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