DepthHouse - ATR Fib Clouds

Depth House ATR Fib Clouds is used to help traders spot dynamic support, resistance, retracement zones, and over-extensions.

Here is a video which I give a brief overview and show it in action:

Based on the zoning colors above:
Red and Blue zones represent common retracement zones.
Green and Orange zones represent possible over-extension zones, and trend changes.

This tool can also help differentiate between bull and bear markets on larger time frames. Trending markets tend to stick within the bottom or top of the loud zones.

Please Note: There are NOT trading signals. Each colored candle represents nothing other than a possibility of which way the trend may go. Be sure to use your own adequate analysis. Use at your own financial risk.

How to get:
As you can see this is an invite only script. In the coming months this indicator, along with many others will become pay to use only. (website on my profile page)
However all my indicators will be FREE until May 1, 2018. So please try them out!
To take advantage of this FREE trial:
1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have many more videos to come! Maybe even leave a comment of what you would like to see next!
2. Comment on this indicator post! Maybe even give me a follow :D

I hope you all enjoy!!

Indicator website: http://depthhouse.com/
Phát hành các Ghi chú: updated default colors
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Have you tried these on the Futures markets, I would like to try them daytrading the ES and NQ
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can I please try this out
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@djays1.618, hope you enjoy!
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Hi, please grant access. Thanks
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oh92 Alphabets
@Alphabets, hope you enjoy!
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would like a try ;)
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@texagg22, hope you enjoy!
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would like to try!
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I'd like to try this one out as well! Thanks!
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